Petrock’s beer tastings this Saturday & The NJCB Member discount!

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This comes from Frank, the beer guy over at Petrock’s Liquors in Hillsborough. ¬†They offer weekly tastings and here’s what is being planned.

A New Beer every week to get excited about!

There are times when you just can’t make up your mind about what to have…Stout or Tripel? IPA or Lambic? Maybe a Smoked Berliner Weisse? Well, probably not on the Smoked Berliner, they are really odd. Let’s spy on what Frank is drinking this week and maybe that will help you decide!


Lots of fun stuff this week! Maine Weez, World Wide Stout, Lagunitas Sucks, Founders Imperial Stout, it is like Christmas all over! Well, sans me running in circles endlessly. Which I like very much. There are two that you’ll have to see me for. The first is Founder’s Imperial Stout. I’ll have a bit more than usual (2 cases) so everything will be getting a bit more than usual. The last one is Allagash Midnight Brett. I have six bottles so it’ll be tight. Let me know if you want one.


Anyways to drinking. This week I want to showcase a beer I actually have! Well, not much, but that’s better than none at all! Maine Beer Company is always highly sought after, and Mean Old Tom is up there in my book with their famous Lunch IPA. Different styles for sure, but equally awesome. Jet black and silky smooth, Old Tom is deep, rich, and not overly bitter. Big notes of black chocolate jump at you with a flash of vanilla as a balance. Utterly delightful to drink!



More to come later this week, however… NJCB Members save. For the month of January 2014, it’s 10% off Unibroe, Avery and Troegs!


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