Shrewsbury Wine & Liquors growler list

Shrewsbury Wine & Liquors sent over their growler list. NJCB Members save too! Enjoy $2 off 64oz & $1 off 32oz growler fills and/or $1 off craft beer 6 packs and/or 10% off craft beer mixed case for NJCB Members!

Station 1

1. Southern Tier Creme Brulee Imperial Stout comes in with 9.6% ABV and earns “96 POINTS!”

2. *New This Week* 21st Amendment Brew Free or Die IPA comes in with 7% ABV and “96 POINTS!”

3. Blue Mountain Mandolin Belgian Style Ale comes in with 9% ABV and earns “92 POINTS!” –

4. Yards Thomas Jefferson Tavern Ale comes in from Pennsylvania with 8% ABV! A true American Strong Ale!

5. *New This Week* Yards Saison comes in with 6.9% ABV and is a sure winner for the Spring season!

6. *New This Week* Weyerbacher Merry Monks Abbey Tripel comes in with 9.3% ABV and earns “87 POINTS!”

7. Delirium Noel Belgian style strong ale comes in with 10% ABV and earns “97 POINTS!”

8. *Local Beer* Carton Brewing 007xx Double IPA! comes in with 7.8% ABV and earns “93 POINTS!” –

Station 3

17. *Local Beer* Beach Hause Parade Day is a brand new coffee stout from Belmar, NJ. So new, that is has no ratings yet!

18. *Local Beer* Beach Hause Herb’s Rye is dedicated to the famous rye bread formerly made at Freedman’s Bakery!

19. *New This Week* Stone 2015 Russian Imperial Stout comes in with 10.5% ABV and earns “100 POINTS!”

20. River Horse Brewer’s Reserve Chocolate Porter comes in with 6.7% ABV and is just delicious!

21. Lindemans Framboise Raspberry Lambic comes in with 2.5% ABV and earns “95 Points!”

22. *Local Beer* River Horse IPA comes in with 5.7% ABV! Come see how it pairs up against other local IPAs.

23. *New This Week* Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin comes in with 7% ABV and earns “100 POINTS!”

24. Founders Porter comes in with 6.5% ABV and earns “100 POINTS! –
Station 2

9. Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cider comes in with 5% ABV and has become possibly the most popular cider around!

10. Stone IPA comes in with 6.9% ABV and earns “100 POINTS!” – Always a favorite!

11. Southern Tier 2X Rye comes in with 8.1% ABV and earns “99 POINTS!” –

12. *New This Week* Rinn Duin St. John’s Irish Red somes in from toms River with 4.9% ABV!

13. *New This Week* Rinn Duin Pota Caife comes in from Toms River, NJ with 5.1% ABV! A delicious dry, coffee stout!

14. Allagash Belgian Style White comes in with 5% ABV and earns “95 POINTS!” How can you not love this one?

15. *Local Beer* Kane Head High IPA comes in from Ocean Township with 6.5% ABV and earns “99 POINTS!” –

16. *Local Beer* Carton Boat Session IPA (Atlantic Highlands!) comes in with 4.2% ABV and earns “97 POINTS!”

Station 4

25. *New This Week* Shock Top Spiced Banana Wheat is the perfect
seasonal delight.

26. Dogfish Head Noble Rot Fruit Beer comes in with 9% ABV and earns “99 POINTS!” –

27. Breckenridge Vanilla Porter comes in with 7% ABV. A brew you have to try at least once a year!

28. Southern Tier Hop Sun comes in with 5.1% ABV and earns “94 POINTS FOR STYLE”

29. Dogfish Head Raison D Etre Strong Ale comes in with 8% ABV and earns “96 POINTS!”

30. * Limited Seasonal* Fegley’s Devious Imperial Pumpkin comes in with 9% ABV and is a must try going into the fall season!

31. Goose Island Ten Hills Pale Ale comes in with 6.2% ABV! The perfect thirst quencher for the spring!

32. Riverhorse Summer Blonde comes in from Ewing, NJ with 4% ABV! Get into the summer spirit!

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