SYNEK – Any beer tapped fresh on your counter

Recently we were sent over information about this new product, SYNEK. It appears to be a really cool way of pouring beer at home from their growler bags. The bags are legal in NJ too! Here’s what we know. SYNEK is a draft system that serves any beer, fresh from the tap, anywhere you want […]

BrewHorn, a new tasting app


We love the NJCB Members and one of you have developed an app called BrewHorn. The founder of BrewHorn, Joe, says BrewHorn empowers consumers to find new craft beers that are a great match to their personal taste profile.

Crafting A Nation

I recently spoke to Tom, the Director and Producer of Crafting A Nation and a Jersey native who is currently exploring his dream in Colorado.  The story called Crafting A Nation follows breweries around the country on their journey to produce and sell beer.  Follow along on their website, Facebook and Twitter. Tom and I spoke […]

Take Action, NJ. Support the Jersey Breweries!

The below comes from the NJ Beer Guild, more specifically, an email from Flying Fish.  Please consider helping out the cause and explore NJ! For the first time since craft brewing was legalized in New Jersey, there’s an opportunity for you to make a difference and help NJ brewers and consumers. On Monday, March 5th, […]

The Epic History of Everyday Things with Gary Monterosso starts NOW!

Epic History

I just heard about a private event for Gary Monterosso’s debut on The History Channel.  I can’t really tell you more about the event but it’s to support Gary’s debut.  He is appearing in The Epic History of Everyday Things that will be aired on November 29 on The History Channel!  He’ll be talking beer for […]

Help New Jersey Breweries Grow and Thrive!

This is from The Garden State Craft Brewer’s Guild.  I’m urging all of you to do this.  We need more craft beer in New Jersey! Please click here to find out who your local legislators are. You can search by town and then go to your legislators’ sites. There you can send an email or find […]

Founders KBS !!!

Founders KBS

Yes, it’s coming, in fact, this weekend was the launch of KBS at Founders Brewery.  Be on the lookout, New Jersey, and get yourself a few!  Looks like liquor stores are starting to get it in TODAY, March 22.  Be on the lookout.

Tapped Craft Beer Events

Tapped Craft Beer Events NYC

A new company launched earlier this week from Husband/Wife combo Matt & Emily Garland focused on craft beer events for the private/corporate realm. Click for more details.