2015 NJCB Membership information

Membership Cards 2015

The 2015 NJCB Membership Club is open for enrollment. We have listed everything we think you’ll need to know to become a 2015 NJCB Member. See the questions and answers below. If you have questions that are not answered in this post, comment and/or email us. When will the NJCB Memberships go on sale? They are […]

2014 NJCB Membership & Printing Schedule

#NJCBMember Shirt

Starting this Sunday, each batch of 2014 cards are set to be processed on each Sunday at 8PM and we’ll be mailing them out the following Monday morning unless otherwise stated! Visit the NJCB Membership Club for more information!

NJCB Members, a video call to action! FREE STUFF TOO!

NJCB Members, we need your help! It’s time to record a short video and explain why you are an NJCB Member. Yes, record your own video and we will be taking samples of select videos for use in a compilation that we’re working on to help the club and the craft beer community in NJ […]

Thanksgiving NJCB store specials!

We’re giving you guys a deal during the Thanksgiving holiday. All 2014 Membership Club orders will contain free stickers from NJCB (and hopefully breweries too) and if you order four (4) 2014 cards, you’ll get your fifth (5th) free. Starting Wednesday, November 27 and running until December 4, these offers are in effect. The free stickers […]

Beer Connoisseur’s in the NJCB Membership Club


Delve into the world’s premier beer magazine as it explores beer culture both in America and abroad. As you may already know, the beer industry is heading in a new and exciting direction. After years of swirling, sniffing, and spitting at wine tastings, the American public is discovering another way to enliven and tantalize the […]