Grand Opening of North Jersey HomeBrew

This past Saturday, July 16, I attended the Grand Opening of North Jersey HomeBrew, 354 Lafayette Road (Route 15) in Sparta.   It was a great time, I met a lot of wonderful local people into beer were really pumped about the homebrew shop opening in the area.

North Jersey HomeBrew has a lot of different kits and they actually brewed a Summer Ale kit during their grand opening day party.  The owners wanted to show their customers, including me, the process of brewing.  I purchased a brew kettle, and a homebrewing book.  I am on my way!

The guys at North Jersey HomeBrew are looking to do some cool stuff and they talked about having a brewing event, meetups to discuss beer, brewing, and more.  I can’t wait to go back for my next brewing kit.

Best of luck, North Jersey HomeBrew!   More information can be found on the  website on Facebook.   Check out the pictures below for more of an inside look into the new homebrew store!



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2 thoughts on “Grand Opening of North Jersey HomeBrew”

  1. I just drove past there on Sunday. If I knew about the place i would have stopped in. Well I go past there a couple times a year. Ill stop next time

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