Help Protect your #1 Ingredient in beer, WATER

Recently we were sent over this information about a water initiative from the New Jersey Highlands Coalition.

highlands coalition

Water is an essential key to any craft beer.  To make these tasty beverages, the source of your main ingredient comes from the New Jersey Highlands (and for some of you in Central and Southern NJ – your water comes from that other regionally protected area, the Pinelands).

Your business and interests rely on your local water supply. Over 5.4 million residents depend on the New Jersey Highlands for their drinking water.

The New Jersey Highlands Coalition, ( a non-profit based on Boonton, which helps protect, restore, and enhance the water and other natural and cultural resources of New Jersey’s Highlands)  is looking to meet and collaborate with breweries, brew pubs, craft beer bars, craft beer distributors, craft beer clubs & organizations, and craft beer businesses to help spread the word about the importance of water.

Contact Julia Somers, Executive Director at New Jersey Highlands Coalition at or by calling 973-588-7190 to let her know of your interest in being part of protecting our water supply.

By being a part of protecting New Jersey’s Highlands water, you will help protect the great-tasting craft beer you depend on and the best interests of the communities in which you operate.

We’ll be updating this article as future developments take place.

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