Keg and Barrel HBS

Welcome new participating members of New Jersey Craft Beer, Scott and Gina Hyndman at Keg and Barrel Homebrewing Supply! I was able to visit the store on Black Friday, in the late afternoon..I’m not really a morning person, especially a 4am morning person. As I walked through the doorway, I was amazed at the new renovations that took place since the last time I had come to Keg and Barrel. Various walls were removed, opening up an immense amount of walking-around room, as well as an overall update of the structure itself. Shelves are oozing with fresh brewing products such as the conventional grains (which can be crushed in-store as well), hops and yeast, kegging/bottling supplies, etc. one may see at any local homebrew store. Yet Keg and Barrel stands out among the masses with their inventory on more unique products. From Jersey fresh Honey, to smoker grills and wood chips, to cheese making ingredients and kits, and a plethora of other adjunct ingredients. While you are waiting, or if you would like to simply educate yourself, Keg and Barrel has a sizable HDTV with Home Brewing Instructional DVD’s playing. The NJCB Membership Discount for Keg and Barrel is a great idea as well: Spend $50 and get 1 free Wyeast package to all NJCB Membership Card carriers. The staff is friendly, personable, and knowledgeable about the craft beer scene. Head over to the Berlin Farmers Market and check out Keg and Barrel Homebrew Supply Store!

Visit their website, Facebook or in person at the Berlin Farmers Market. Entrance door A3. Located at 41 Clementon Rd., Store #110, Berlin, NJ 08009 and save!

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