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According to an article published in the NJ Herald, Krogh’s is cave aging their anniversary beer that should be ready in a year from now.

The people behind the brewery operation at Krogh’s are making plans for the 15th anniversary of brewing at the venerable restaurant, which comes along on Feb. 7, 2014.

The beer they plan to tap on that anniversary takes a year to age and, true to the traditional way of aging an imperial stout, this batch will go into oak barrels and sit in a cave.

Well, it will be more mine shaft aging since Sterling Hill Mine in Ogdensburg will be the site where the beer will be “conditioned,” once it is brewed.

You can read more of Bruce Scruton’s article if you are a subscriber otherwise, jump below to see what we were able to capture from the article.

“We got the idea from the Ommegang brewery in New York. They condition their beer in caves,” said Krogh’s owner Robert Fuchs, adding, “Well, rather it was his idea,” pointing to David Cooper, who has been the head brewer at Krogh’s the entire 15 years.

Cooper said the idea of using a bourbon cask came from a beer-tasting event in Vermont, but he said the Krogh’s brewers didn’t want to put all their beer in one cask.

“We haven’t done this before so don’t know what to expect. The bourbon barrel can give a pretty strong flavor,” he explained.

The other two casks were used to age a barley wine, so will impart a less strong flavor. The charred wooden barrels also will impart their own complexities to the aging beer.

Beer from the three casks will be blended after the aging process is completed in late January next year and it will be that blend which will be tapped in February 2014.


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