love2brew, North Brunswick’s new homebrew store

I recently had the pleasure of paying a visit to love2brew, a new homebrew shop that just opened up in North Brunswick. I met Ron Witkowski, one of the co-owners, and he showed me around the warehouse-like shop – he also gave me some homebrewing pointers (my latest attempt turned out disastrous). The space is rather large with all the supplies you’d need to brew your own beer/mead/cider and also wine, available both in-store and online. Ron and his business partner, Mark Spezio, opened up the shop in October of this year with great response. They also post daily articles on their website on various topics of homebrewing, so feel free to sign up for their news letter. Central NJ is starting to improve nicely in the craft beer scene, so love2brew is a most welcome addition.

love2brew has joined the NJCB membership club and offer %5 off any products to NJCB cardholders.  love2brew is located at  1583 Livingston Ave, Unit #2 in North Brunswick, online, on Facebook and on Twitter too.

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