Garden State Craft Brewers Guild Battleship Festival 2014

Garden State Brewers Festival Battleship

Every year the Garden State Craft Brewers Guild organizes their Battleship Festival and this year it’s June 28. The details are in the flyer below and order tickets from here. Come hang out with a bunch of Regional Reps from Team NJCB and try what makes NJ a great state. Plus, you’re on a boat.

Cape May Brewery night at Cabana’s Beach Bar and Grill

On Thursday, August 25 from 7PM-9PM Cape May Brewery will be out at Cabanas to talk about our Cape May IPA and answer any questions you may have about their brewery. Cape May Brewing Company’s site is here. Find Cabanas online, on Facebook, on Twitter and in person at 429 Beach Ave, Cape May.

Cape May Brewery

After tasting a Cape May IPA while at Cabanas on Friday night, I made it a point to visit Cape May Brewery the following day.  Tucked away in a non-descript building inside the Cape May County airport, you will find a no-frills brewery turning out some wonderful beer. The brewery is a 3-man operation that […]