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The 2015 NJCB Membership Club is open for enrollment. We have listed everything we think you’ll need to know to become a 2015 NJCB Member. See the questions and answers below. If you have questions that are not answered in this post, comment and/or email us.

When will the NJCB Memberships go on sale?

They are on sale. The store went live on November 21, 2014. Order from our store.

When will you print and send the NJCB Memberships?

Order by 7PM on the nights listed below and they will be printed that night and mailed the following morning. We will be printing on:

 Saturday, November 29
•  Friday, December 12
•  Friday, December 19
•  Friday, December 26
•  Saturday, January 3

and then each Sunday night unless otherwise stated starting on January 11 unless otherwise stated

How do you ship the Memberships?

Since Amazon hasn’t released those drones yet, we have to use the good ol’ American way and we use the United States Postal Service. We send them in plain white window envelopes with a reprinted return address label. Sorry, we are not able to mask or change the return address. There is a shipment charge if you are ordering online of $0.50. The rate of shipping may increase if the price of stamps increase.

What does it cost?

$25 plus shipping. Shipping is currently $0.50.

Are there discounts for previously enrolled NJCB Members?

Sorry, not at this time.

Are there any group discounts available?

Sorry, not at this time.

Are there any freebies???

From time to time we are given stuff to send out to NJCB Members, we don’t tell you, we just put them in your order.

How does buying as a gift work?

This is easy, we have all of the information listed on the store page. We simply capture the data from the store and will send it to the gift recipient or to you directly. It’s pretty easy to do it, just follow the instructions and voila. Oh yeah, they 2015 NJCB Members won’t be added to the super top secret NJCB Membership email system until January 1. We can’t promise they don’t already get our emails or notifications, but we won’t be emailing them anything specifically until January 1, 2015.

When is the 2015 Membership valid from and when does it end?

January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015. Regardless of when you enroll within the year, this is when it’s valid for.

What are some of the benefits of becoming a NJCB Member?

Aside from the hundreds of beer locations to explore around New Jersey, you can always save hundreds of dollars on craft beer, food, merchandise and more including NJCB Member only events, parties, special incentives, giveaways and well, friendships and romantic relationships. We can’t confirm it, but we’ve heard about a few NJCB Members dating and getting married because they met as mutual NJCB Members years ago. Here’s a link for more information. Average NJCB Member saves about $200 a year just for enrolling with us.

Is there an app yet? When is your redesign going to come out?


No app yet, but we are working on it as well as a redesign of the site. Please stay tuned. We are adding more geolocation functionality and mobile friendly stuff. Plus after the core redesign there will be more features that we can expand on. Yes it’s vague but yeah, stay tuned.

More questions, send us an email. Thanks for supporting New Jersey Craft Beer®.

Thanks to Brian from I Drink Good Beer for the beautiful film!

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