Winter Cask event at Harvest Moon with Team NJCB

New Brunswick: February 20 starting at 2PM, NJCB and Harvest Moon are partnering up with a NJ focused cask event. This pay as you go event will be feature great beers in casks and Harvest Moon’s flowing on tap too. There will be food pairings and we’ll be updating all of the info as it […]

2016 NJCB Memberships

The 2016 Memberships are now available for purchase. We now have two methods for becoming a NJCB Member, Subscriptions and Gift Memberships. If you purchased a Membership in 2015 or before than, this approach is a BRAND NEW approach and you will need to subscribe to keep your NJCB Membership active automatically. This way you’ll be able to simply and easily get your […]

NJCB Membership Club recent additions and changes: 588 Business Partners

Join the NJCB Membership Club and save! Visit the latest list of craft beer businesses that have joined into the New Jersey Craft Beer Membership Club. There are 550+ NJCB Business Partners offering a variety of deals in and around New Jersey. NJCB is THE source for craft beer in NJ! Explore. Enjoy. Save.

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