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what is new jersey craft beer?

New Jersey Craft Beer’s mission is to provide craft beer fans in New Jersey with a resource for finding current beer-happenings. While the website can be used as a digital map for finding beer, it also makes potential customers aware of the NJCB Business Partners involved with New Jersey Craft Beer through the website, social media and events.

what’s the NJCB story?

December 2010

hello, njcb

Mike Kivowitz started New Jersey Craft Beer as a personal resource that he turned into a powerful, successful public resource in a few short, beer filled years. Mike lived in North Jersey, close to NYC, for 10+ years and after meeting a beautiful women decided to get married and move to the area where she grew up. Traveling daily to and from his job resulted in exploring new places for craft beer. Mike assumed if he didn’t know about these places, no one else did. So he built it for himself and others.

After a few months of planning and a few hundreds hours of programming, Mike designed, developed and launched New Jersey Craft Beer.

December 2010
June 2011

the club

6 months later, The Club launched

June 2011
January 2015


NJCB changed from an event listing service to much, much more. The site changed to include a fully working ecommerce solution with a subscription service and on demand printed merchandise as well as geolocation features like the Explorer tool.

January 2015
February 2015

the NJCB app

The NJCB App made the experience even easier to explore and stay connected.

February 2015
February 2019

redesigned again

Time to make it easier to explore using the redesigned site and app. Mobile friendly all the way through and through!

February 2019
December 2020

ten years later…

NJCB launched ten years ago!

December 2020
January 2021


Hoppy 2021

THANK YOU for your support over the last ten years!


January 2021
February 2022


2022 is going to be different. Stay tuned for NJCB Collaboration beers and more Members Only events! The NJCB App is being phased out making room for the Members Only mobile experience.

February 2022
January 2023


The NJCB mobile experience for NJCB Members is here to stay. The new YouTube video is live. All of the best of NJCB can be found at We have more collaborations and events coming out in 2023. We even switched to a different email service to give you more. Keep writing the local lawmakers and the governor about the special ruling.

January 2023

what is the njcb club all about?

The NJCB Club is the perfect way to explore and save on the best craft beer, food, events, merchandise and experience that New Jersey has to offer. NJCB is everything that a beer enthusiast wants in the Garden State.

We get the word out to New Jersey’s beer fans about beer through the NJCB Club with 610 businesses around the area offering great discount to our loyal NJCB Members.

You will find Team NJCB at events, breweries, bars, stores and everywhere craft beer is found! Come say hi to the 10+ of us when you see us!

connect and socialize

NJCB is dedicated to providing content as much beer happenings in New Jersey’s craft beer scene as possible. Some examples of this information include: events, beer festivals, tap takeovers, homebrew information, new NJ brewery information, beer fundraisers, growler station changes/updates, job postings and craft beer availability at different liquor stores/restaurants/bars and anything else beer-related. Stick with us on TwitterFacebook, Instagram and YouTube while we untap the world of craft beer in New Jersey.

Use the hashtag #NJCB. You can also find all of our social media profiles on the bottom of this page. Use this file to display our art on your website or in your artwork. Please do not use other artwork without consent. We can also make you a custom art. Contact us.

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who are our partners and what do they do?

Learn more about NJCB and how we operate in these tabs. We have specific requirements to enroll with us but for the most part, we accept most bars, restaurants, liquor stores, breweries, brewpubs and other NJ alcohol manufacturers into the NJCB Club. Submit your enrollment application today.

We love communicating with breweries, brewpubs and wholesalers. Contact us.

socialize and engage with members

Through our FREE SERVICE, our partners get their events promoted and socialized on the NJCB network reaching thousands of beer people daily.

Interactive and engagement is the key. We will get the information out to the NJCB Members. Talk to them when they come in or on social media before they come in!

The NJCB Network reaches thousands of people daily.

incentivize and offer a discount to members to increase loyalty

Combining the socialization of the events with a discount, members are incentivized to explore the beer happenings around New Jersey.

50 million dollars in sales come from members

Based on surveys, NJCB Members spend money at our 610 partners. Get in on the craft beer sales and work with NJCB!

NJCB members


yearly revenue








↓ amount spent at partners weekly ↓

liquor stores





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