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The Copper Mine Pub North Arlington NJ Craft beer bar

Vito sent over the following information!

this thursday we will be tapping a cool collaboration between 2 great friends of the bar, ramstein and rushing duck.  for their collaboration both places brewed the same beers but they traded yeasts for the beer, ramstein sent rushing duck their lager yeast and rushing duck sent ramstein their lager yeast.  we will be tapping the ramstein version called ramduck…

also coming up is a sour and wild ale event on october 2.  we will be tapping a bunch of great beers.  along with that event we will be having a small event our friend os is running called a syrup off.  traditionally syrups are added to berliner weisses to balance out the tartness.  we are inviting people to make their own syrup and enter it to the competition.  if your interested please email os at

if you are new to the email list, you could also find us on facebook, twitter and instagram.



Here’s the address 323 Ridge Road in North Arlington and for more info, check out Copper Mine Pub’s official website, Twitter and Facebook pages too.  NJCB Members tune in to find out what offers are available! It changes daily!! 

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  1. Tom April 25, 2014 at 9:46 pm #

    Hey there Vito: If I can get my wife to whip up some lasagna for your potluck night (Wed.) we’ll come and see you soon! Can’t wait to try your offerings!

    Best regards,


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