Copper Mine Pub new beers and events

The Copper Mine Pub North Arlington NJ Craft beer bar

Vito sent over the following information!

this Thursday we will be having a weyerbacher event with some great beers on tap.  all beers will be on tap at 3:

-pariah 9.7% – a sour ale aged in wine barrels with wild yeast

-sunday morning stout 11.8% – a barrel aged imperial stout with coffee

-nineteen 10% – a blended wild ale with mango

-cassiopia 11% – American barleywine with vanilla beans

-quad 2015 12%

-quad 2014 12%

-insanity 11% – barrel aged barleywine

-heresy 9% – barrel aged imperial stout

-tiny 12% – Belgian imperial stout

-tango 9.6% – dark belgain with cherries

-tarte nouveau 4% – Berliner weisse

-blithering idiot barleywine 11%

-last chance ipa 6%

-merry monks 9.3% – tripel

Here’s the address 323 Ridge Road in North Arlington and for more info, check out Copper Mine Pub’s official website, Twitter and Facebook pages too.  NJCB Members tune in to find out what offers are available! It changes daily!! 


  1. Tom says

    Hey there Vito: If I can get my wife to whip up some lasagna for your potluck night (Wed.) we’ll come and see you soon! Can’t wait to try your offerings!

    Best regards,


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