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Vito sent over the following information!

this Thursday we will be having a big port & lost abbey brewing event.  both breweries are from the same company but port specializes in American styled ipas, stouts, and some barrel aging while lost abbey is more European styled beers like Belgians, sours and also barrels a bunch.

-lost abbey angel share brandy barrel 12.5% – barrel wine aged in brandy barrels

-lost abbey cuvee tome 11% – a big sour quad.  its aged in oak for a year with cherries, raisins, candi sugar, and wild yeast

-lost abbey red poppy 5% – sour ale aged in oak for six months with sour cherries

-lost abbey serpent stout 11% – Belgian imperial stout

-lost abbey & de proef signature 8.5% – hoppy dark Belgian with wild yeast

-lost abbey avant gourde 7% – a Belgian pumpkin ale aged with wild yeast

-lost abbey judgement day 10.5% – quad with is also the base beer for cuvee tome

-lost abbey 10 commandments 10% – dark Belgian aged with raisins

-lost abbey devotion 6.5% – Belgian blonde ale

-lost abbey red barn 6.7% – saison with ginger, orange peel, black peppercorn and grains of paradise

-port older viscosity 12% – 100% barrel aged strong ale aged in heaven hill barrels for 6 months

-port hop 15 10% – imperial ipa with 15 hops

-port santas little helper 10% – a big imperial stout

-port board meeting brown 8.5% – imperial brown with coffee and chocolate

-port old viscosity 10% – blend barrel aged and non barrel aged strong ale

-port mongo 8.5% – their flagship imperial ipa

-port wipeout 7% – their flagship ipa


also for the spring we will be having a 25% discount on growler fills on Saturdays and sundays.  plus coming up in the next few weeks we will be having a small sour & wild ale event.

Here’s the address 323 Ridge Road in North Arlington and for more info, check out Copper Mine Pub’s official website, Twitter and Facebook pages too.  NJCB Members tune in to find out what offers are available! It changes daily!! 


  1. Tom says

    Hey there Vito: If I can get my wife to whip up some lasagna for your potluck night (Wed.) we’ll come and see you soon! Can’t wait to try your offerings!

    Best regards,


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