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WineWorks in Marlton sent us over the following information. Read BELOW to see what just came in then visit WineWorks at 319 West Route 70, Marlton. NJCB Members receive 10% off mix a 6 packs.

Dogfish Head’s Aprihop is back! Brewed with luscious apricots and finished with whole leaf hops, this fruity, citrusy, cedar, thirst-quenching IPA is the fruit beer for the hop head. Pairs well with BBQ, swordfish, and hummus. Four packs are available for sale at $8.99.

The Hop Concept’s Hop Freshener Series Dank & Sticky is an IPA which combines aromatic hops to bring out a specific flavor profile. Just look at the label and you’ll know exactly what to expect. 22oz bottles are available for $6.99. Limited to two bottles per customer.

Victory has a new concoction with Deep Cocoa. Dark, roasted barley. Rich, deep caramel. Decadent, fruit-tinged chocolate. They’ve unlocked the mysteries and nuances of malts to deliver these luxurious and provocative flavors in this complex and satisfying porter. 750mL bottles available for sale at $9.99. This is limited to one bottle per customer.

River Horse Brewer’s Reserve Chocolate Porter, a rich, malty, chocolate porter. Sure to fill you up and keep you warm on these frigid nights. Six packs are available at $12.99.

Also returning is a good portion of Maine Brewing‘s 16.9oz bottles. Currently available is Zoe, Mo, King Titus, and Red Wheel Barrel. All cold and ready to take home for $6.99 each!

For you Sour Lovers, come join us this Saturday at 4-6PM as we sample some lip puckering brews!


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