Tiger vs Crane – NJCB x hackensack x Black Ninja Design collab

Hackensack: Tiger vs Crane is a collaboration beer that started over a decade ago unknown to the parties involved. Here’s the backstory and below is more information our release party scheduled for June 19 starting at 5PM at Hackensack Brewing.

the backstory

A few years after NJCB started a former local NJ resident named Scott (who lives in Richmond, VA) discovered NJCB by going to a bar while visiting family in NJ. Fast forward, Mike (from Team NJCB) meets Scott and become friendly and trade beers often. Fast forward to the world after Covid. Mike and some friends meet Andrew from Black Ninja Design who’s DJing at The Answer on what happens to be May Fourth and Wu Wednesday. So all of a sudden, there’s a killer bottle share, it’s Cantillon / Star Wars night at Mekong, there’s chicken nuggets, and Wu Tang is playing on repeat. Everyone’s having a great time sipping on some dope beers. Scott leaves us with some great beers and vice versa. However, I, Mike, got one of my favorite glasses ever made from Black Ninja Design. The Carebear Wu glass. Check instagram and Untappd, you’ll see it. A few months later, we start the conversation about getting this going, but New Jersey doing NJ things, we could NOT have the party until the bill was signed. Once the laws changed and Phil signed the bill, inspiration hit. Gene and I from Team NJCB were hanging out at Hackensack both to support The Alementary and celebrate the changes. I flashed back to that event and was like… Kaboom, guess who stepped in the room.

the event

On Wu Wednesday, June 19, 2024, get ready for the Tiger vs Crane release party! Tiger vs Crane is a dank West Coast IPA clocking in at 6.2% ABV. But what about the event?

  • Black Ninja Design exclusive merch drop on site. You definitely need to be there early for this.
  • RVA friends Andrew and Scott on site!
  • Team NJCB hanging out all night with swag to giveaway too!
  • Lord Sear will be spinnin’ Wu all night.
  • Cubita Food Truck will be in the parking lot
  • Cigar vendor will be there
  • Chessboards and other games available
  • Kung Fu flicks on the screens


RSVP on the Facebook event

the future

Look for the Tiger v Crane beer on tap around NJ, purchase cans to go and enjoy!

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