👋 Life. Double Nickel x NJCB Collaboration beer release

Pennsauken: Join us at Double Nickel for the release of 👋 Life, a corn lager. This collaboration beer has been in the works since Atlantic City Beer Fest 2021. Come by the brewery on Thursday, February 24 to find out why and continue reading below.

On rainy, snowy, Wednesday in mid January, Mike and Jon from NJCB and Vic from South Jersey Beer Scene visited Brian, Drew and JT to make a corn lager. After months of conversations and ideas, we went back to the beer that was the reason for this project.

RSVP on the Facebook event and we’ll see you at Double Nickel.

For all of the 2022 NJCB collaboration beers, tune to https://njcb.co/22collabs.

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