1000 articles posted! Please leave a comment to win.


We passed right by the 1000 mark today.  Over 1000 articles posted to the website and we’re celebrating.  We’ve been around for almost 9 months and have posted content for all over New Jersey.  Thanks to you guys and girls for going out and exploring.

What do you like best and worst about New Jersey Craft Beer?  Are you happy with the content?  Have you met any of the new reporters?  What can we improve upon?  This article is important.  We’ll randomly select a winner from you, the commenters, but all comments need to be left on the website.  Bonus points to those who Facebook and Tweet out their comments.

Please let us know how we can improve or what you love about us.  As long as this thread does not turn into a flame war, all comments will be left open and unmoderated as always.

Start those comments and you can win a free Membership Card and a bunch of stickers.  Thank for reading NJCB!

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21 thoughts on “1000 articles posted! Please leave a comment to win.”

  1. This website has provided me with so much fun like the Dogfish Head beer dinner, Atlantic City beer festival, I have discovered the best liquor stores to stop by (particularly the Cranbury Buyrite I pass on my way home from work) and miscellaneous other things. I am so happy you do this and I greatly appreciate it. so keep up the awesome work !

  2. I stumbled upon your site a couple weeks ago. Its a great resource! I've already discovered several new local places almost right around the corner I wasn't aware of. Thanks 🙂

  3. Stumbled on this a day ago, so while I can't tell you how much it's done for me so far, I can say that I'm hopeful that it'll help me find the oasis in the desert of crap brew that is found in the typical NJ bar & restaurant – especially in the NW corner where I'm living. Looking forward to getting involved and changing that as well.

  4. Being a Jersey guy myself, I think the site is a great resource for keeping track of things. I didn't realize there was so much around here actually until I started reading this site. Haven't met anybody, but hopefully that'll change someday. I like what you're doing – keep it up!

  5. I'm diggin' your site. It's really helpful and I've found more than a few events and tastings that I was unaware of through visiting here. I like the tap list updates. (If I was gonna have one criticism, and it's minor, it's that I'd like to see addresses or towns earlier in a posting so I know if I should click on the" read this story" link. I'm not the fountain of beer knowledge that you guys are! )Thanks for doing this!

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