2016 NJCB Memberships

The 2016 Memberships are now available for purchase. We now have two methods for becoming a NJCB Member, Subscriptions and Gift Memberships. If you purchased a Membership in 2015 or before than, this approach is a BRAND NEW approach and you will need to subscribe to keep your NJCB Membership active automatically. This way you’ll be able to simply and easily get your Memberships for the following years. You can simply create a new account on checkout.

It is still $25 for the Subscription service and no shipping charge. The Subscription will give Members Only content including special promos / discount codes, discounts, and deals not available without being logged into your NJCB account in the future. You can cancel your Subscription at anytime (with a few clicks) and you control your account credentials, address, email, credit info, etc. We, NJCB, do not have access to your credit card data, it’s stored on the secure merchant’s servers (Stripe). Once you enroll you’ll be emailed a link to your account with your data listed tied to your account on the site. It will renew yearly on November 15 and charge you each November 15 as long as your subscription is valid and active. You will be notified about updating credit cards and can easily do that through your account.

If your credit card does not clear and fails, we will be notified and we will alert you about the issue. We can’t control the credit card transactions. They are processed and matched to your data for security reasons. Please be sure your billing information is accurate. Stripe is very particular and even more secure and safe for processing credit info.

With that all being stated, some of you may not like the Subscription model, we want to know what the issue is and value your feedback. Please send us a note with your feelings or….

There is a Gift Membership that does not auto renew nor is a Subscription. You won’t have the same access to the Subscriber content on NJCB initially (but I’m working on that). You can order a gift to yourself if you don’t want to be forced to subscribe as well as order for friends and family. Gifts Memberships are still $25 plus shipping.

As always, Member Only emails will be separate and will not come from the website, rather from the same system you get our emails from.

Feel free to follow our Facebook event too!  Thank you for your continued support and if you have any questions or feedback, please contact us.

So here is the next steps. Click to the NJCB Store.  Either use The Subscription Membership

$25.00 on November 15th each year and a $25.00 sign-up feeJoin the Club!

or the Gift Membership 

$25.00Select options

Orders received by Thursday 11:59PM will be printed on Friday and shipped out Saturday weekly throughout 2016. We will update the website with our 2017 printing schedule. If there are changes they will be posted on the site and the calendar as well as our social media outlets.

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