2022 NJCB Membership contest

Want to win a 2022 NJCB Membership?

It’s simple, comment on this post and we’ll randomly pick 22 winners. Winners will be emailed so use a valid email in the comment.

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20 thoughts on “2022 NJCB Membership contest”

    1. I want to thank the whole NJCB team for making our craft journey more enjoyable and informative. I am already a 2022 member is this contest for 2023 membership? Cheers!

    2. As a retiree, I really appreciate my membership. Over the last 3 years, the discounts at breweries really do add up. Thanks so much for your efforts to advance and promote our New Jersey breweries!!
      Joe Lalumia

  1. Cannot wait until next year. HOPEFULLY get rid of these archaic rules. Some place are not honoring the card. They are citing the rules as an example excuse.

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