2SP at Chickie’s and Pete’s EHT

Egg Harbor Township: 2SP is happening at Chickie’s and Pete’s EHT

Alvin from Chickie’s and Pete’s EHT said on Thursday, November 16 from 06:00 pm to 12:00 am

Come out and help us welcome Philadelphia’s own 2SP Brewing to our hood! Meet brewer’s, brewery reps, great beer and better people. I hear there may be some giveaways as well…
Draft List:
Delco Lager
This crisp and clean Amber lager with Munich & Crystal Malt is Bob’s gateway beer. It’s completely crushable, full of flavor for a style not a lot of American craft brewers like to call their flagship. 4%abv
A Kellerbier that is made with fresh hallertau and spalt hops, think grassy and zesty. This beer is unfiltered, no wheat flour, giving it a proper, full crushable flavor. If you appreciate and love Delco, your going to love this beer. 5% abv
ASAP Session IPA
A fresh, danky, East Coast style session IPA made with Citra and Centennial. With a nice body, this beer is well balanced and hits a mark that a lot of session IPA’s don’t aim for. 4.2%abv.
Bellcracker Double IPA
A West Coast Double IPA, the Citra and Amarillo really come through with bright flavors of mellon and citrus. Not to mention that this beer does not have molasses heaviness that riddles a lot of dbl’s making it great option for the warmer temps. 8.7%abv
Baby Bob American Stout (Limited Release)
A baby version of Bob’s Russian Imperial Stout (2016/2017 GABF GOLD MEDAL WINNER). Subtle sweetness with nice roasty character from the malts. American hop profile though so it finishes like a black IPA, but the roasted malts come through big up front. Get on it! 6.5%abv
Specialty Beer:
Vermelho Fumaça
Barrel Aged Smoked Porter, Aged for 9 months in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels.The aging has subdued the smokiness and has allowed the grape characteristics to blend in nicely. The barrels lend for a great depth of wood and oak. 7%abv.
BBA St. Seditious
After spending 18 months in bourbon barrels, our Barley Wine is finally ready! For as long as it spent in barrels, the bourbon flavors do not over power the beer. As with any of our barrel aged beers, we look at the barrel as an additional ingredient that will blend in with all the flavors. Ruby and Bob monitor it very closely throughout the aging and once the beer has the right balance, we rack it. Lot’s of big, but balanced, bourbon, raisin, vanilla, and oak flavors . It’s a sipper at 11%abv.
We did a collaboration with our friends/designers @ Post Typography to try to make Pilsners gangsta again! As a brewer, doing your thing on a Pilsner or Lager you’re sticking your neck out there. If you mess up, you know it, I know it. When it’s nailed, that quality makes you thirstier for the next one. To try and make Pilsners great again, we made a super clean, but hoppy Pils with Calypso and Saphir hops (think citrus, red berries, and pear aromas). 4.5%abv
Dual Hop Drop IPA #7
This is the newest release is our running series with Simcoe and Citra Hop, earthy, piney, and citrus. It’s a pretty dry body letting the hops show themselves off. 6%abv

More information can be found at at this link. Free order of their signature Crabfries, $2 off growlers & 10% off growler fills for NJCB Members at 6055 Blackhorse Pike, EHT.

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