4th Annual njcb Night at taphouse 15

Jefferson: The 4th Annual New Jersey Craft Beer Night is scheduled for Thursday, March 5. Tom from Taphouse 15 sent us this information below. The party starts at 6PM. Join Mike and Gene from Team NJCB there and keep the local love flowing!

this is our 4th Annual New Jersey Craft Beer Night and it’s one of our favorite events, please join us in celebrating local craft breweries

taplist is coming at some point but here’s who is confirmed

Kane Brewing – Object Permanence Barleywine
Carton Brewing
Magnify Brewing
Troon Brewing
Twin Elephant Brewing
Icarus Brewing
Brix City Brewing
The Source Brewing
Bolero Snort Brewing
The Referend Bier Blendary – Blue Book Sour Ale
Czig Meister Brewing
Heavy Reel Brewing
Kelly Green Brewing
Tonewood Brewing
Vinyl Brewing
Muckraker Brewing
Hackensack Brewing
Bradley Brew Project
Four City Brewing
Angry Erik Brewing
Two Ton Brewing
Phresh Phlavors Brewing
Ramstein Brewing

Taphouse 15 offers NJCB Members 10% off your entire bill when you visit them at 75 Route 15 in Jefferson.

taphouse 15

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