A Radeberger event at Zeppelin Hall’s beer garden

Kevin from Radeberger who I met this past week at Total Wine in Union, sent over the following dates that he’ll be representing around Jersey.

Friday and Saturday, October 28 & 29, Zeppelin’s Beer Garden. All night.


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3 thoughts on “A Radeberger event at Zeppelin Hall’s beer garden”

  1. Great article Os. If that doesn't make you want to drive across the state on the weekend to taste the great style beers while you enjoy an authentic Fish and Chips dinner, then what else do we have to do. May I add that the decor revolves around the nautical theme. You might also be sitting on a long bench which came from a former Staten Island Ferry. My last visit I had was able to take home a growler of the newly brewed Killer Bee. The honey finish is the kicker.

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