Partner Responsibilities

Starting January 2016, we are screening all potential business partners. You will need to comply with the following rules to be accepted into the Club and we have the right to remove business partners that do not comply or stop offering NJCB Members a discount without properly informing Team NJCB. January 2018, our numbers are going to change.

as printed on each NJCB Membership Club Card

The New Jersey Craft Beer® Member agrees to the terms & conditions of NJCB & the Business Partners as detailed on Membership discounts are subject to change, may not be combined with other offers and comply with all of the New Jersey Alcohol Beverage Control rules and regulations mandated by state law.

With that being stated, you, the Business Partner, need to comply with our simple rules.


  • Minimum expectation of about 70% draft lines to CRAFT BEER and about 20% those draft lines New Jersey breweries.
  • In January 2018, we are changing the numbers to 70% draft lines to CRAFT BEER and about 30% those draft lines New Jersey breweries.
  • Reasonable proper glassware being used such as but not limited to plastic cups not the norm, craft not poured in frosted/cold glasses, high ABV not poured in large format glassware.
  • Proper beer service performed (beer poured correctly, draft lines cleaned regularly, etc)
  • Staff understands the NJCB Club and what your business offers as observed by Team NJCB and feedback from NJCB Members.


  • Reasonable selection of local craft beer products available.
  • In January 2018, a bigger focus on local, New Jersey based packaged goods will be required. Off premises locations will need to have 10%+ New Jersey breweries available..
  • Display of NJCB signage at door and/or register where not prohibited by the business regulations. POS signage is also available.
  • Business found to increase prices based on rare/limited allocation of product may be removed from the Club. YOUR profit margins are not our business or our concern, however we like to promote all of our Business Partners and stand behind their business through promotions and marketing. We do not influence your pricing decisions nor want to be involved in your pricing and we understand minimums and volume purchases, however, often, business highly elevated pricing on select items spill over into complaint forums on our Members Only outlets and other social networks. It is difficult for us to mitigate these complaints, and they make NJCB look bad for sending customers to businesses known to increase prices. We may not be able to depend these complaints and if our partners are known to continue this practice, we have the right to remove them from the Club with fair notice.
  • Staff understands the NJCB Club and what your business offers as observed by Team NJCB and feedback from NJCB Members.


If there are issues with your business and our NJCB Members, we have the right to remove you from The NJCB Club with email warning.

  • We will attempt to contact via email over the course of up to 2 weeks. We will forward the email from our customer with the complaint.
  • A rep from Team NJCB may stop in for a visit or call to discuss the issues however, it’s not guaranteed.

If the issue is not resolved within the 2 week span and the above rules are not remedied, we may remove you from the Club as a Business Partner.

Contact NJCB and more can be found at Terms & Service page

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