Alementary Tasting Room Manager

Hackensack: The Alementary is looking for a Tasting Room Manager. Here is the job posting.


The Tasting Room Manager position requires an entrepreneurial, engaged individual to drive revenue growth through the tasting room with a focus on providing exceptional hospitality. This manager has primary responsibility for all taproom activities in pursuit of this objective. The position is focused on the Beer Drinker (customer) but is also integral to the entirety of the company. The Tasting Room Manager must engage with all staff in order to maintain a comprehensive understanding of brewing operations, sales, and the products at hand. The Tasting Room Manager must also monitor the “word on the street” and emerging trends as they are identified and voiced by the Beer Drinker.

A successful tasting room manager maintains excellent people skills, a comprehensive knowledge and passion for beer, a relentless entrepreneurial spirit, and superior critical thinking skills, allowing them to remain proactive in management of the tasting room.



Experience in restaurant/bar hospitality is required, ideally as a bartender or server. Management experience is a plus. Retail experience is a plus.



· Manage daily tasting room operations (see Duties, below)

· Coordinate and execute of all in-house private events including sponsored fundraisers, beer release events, etc.

· Create promotions and incentives for bar staff to meet weekly sales goals

· Manage merchandise sales and inventory

· Within the confines of regulation, work with food trucks and popups on co-marketing and branding opportunities

· Coordinate with all internal staff as needed to assist on brand development, product management, sales, events, social media, etc.


DUTIES (examples, but not limited to)

· Be on shift for all, or nearly all as defined by company leadership, public taproom hours

· Accountable for completion of opening and closing sidework

· Coordinate with the Sales Director and company leadership to define the weekly taplist including backups, and to manage inventory appropriately

· Scheduling of bar staff with consideration to seasonal changes in business (i.e. more or less staff depending on projections of tasting room “business”)

· Weekly checks of inventory including merch and glassware

· Weekly inventory of supplies

· Weekly sales rollups to company leadership

· Management of menus

· Ensuring cleanliness and organization of the tasting room



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