Allagash Tap Takeover at Barcade JC is TODAY!!! New tap added also!

Thursday, October 27, Rob Todd is coming to New Jersey.  If my beer memory serves me correctly, this is the first time he’ll be at a beer event in our amazing state in a few years.  From Barcade’s invite, look at this list.  I’ve bolded a few that are very rare!  Please leave your comment below and let us know what you are the most excited to drink?  I will be there around 430PM and Matt, Steve and Os will be showing up closer to 6PM.

Big Little – 5.5% ABV – Belgian Style Pale Ale.
Black – 7.5% – Belgian Style Dark Ale.
Blonde – 8.2% – Blonde Ale.
Bourbon Black – 8.0% – Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Ale.
Confluence – 8.0% – American Wild Ale.
Curieux – 9.5% – Bourbon Barrel Aged Tripel.
Dubbel – 7.0% – Belgian Style Dubbel.
Fluxus – 8.0% – Farmhouse Ale.
Four – 10.0% – Belgian Style Quadrupel.
Grand Cru – 7.8% – Belgian Style Strong Ale.
Hugh Malone – 8.5% – Belgian Style India Pale Ale.
Little Big Beer – 10.5% – American Wild Ale.
Thing 1 – 5.0% – Belgian Table Beer. BeerAdvocate Collaboration.
Thing 2 – 7.0% – Belgian Dark Ale. BeerAdvocate Collaboration.
Tripel – 9.0% – Belgian Style Tripel.
Victor – 10.4% – Strong Ale Brewed With Cab Franc Grapes.
Victoria – 9.0% – Stong Ale Brewed With Chardonnay Grapes.
White – 5.5% – Unfiltered Belgian Style Witbier.
Interlude (2010) – 9.5% – American Wild Ale
Odyssey (2010) – 10.3% – Belgian Strong Dark Ale
Vrienden – 9.3% – Wild Ale Brewed With Dandelion Greens and Elderberries. New Belgium Collaboration.
Ghoulschip – Wild Ale, aged in oak barrels, brewed with pumpkin, toasted pumpkin seeds, and molasses. 

You can also check out Barcade’s website, Twitter stream and Facebook if you desire. The address is 163 Newark Avenue in Jersey City.

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7 thoughts on “Allagash Tap Takeover at Barcade JC is TODAY!!! New tap added also!”

  1. Just added 2010 Interlude to the lineup.

    There's one last keg we'll announce next week…

    And yes, it will blow your mind.

    Looking forward to seeing you guys there!

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