An Intro to Northside Lounge in Manville

Northside Lounge Manville

Recently, my NJCB travels brought me to the town of Manville. If you are familiar with the town you’ll have the same reaction as I did, Craft Beer in Manville!??! Yep! As a matter of fact the Northside Lounge has it as the headline on their webpage. Sure enough, in speaking with bartender Derek and the owner Cassandra it was evident that they were proud to be the only Craft Beer friendly bar in town.

Northside Lounge has the all the charm of your favorite local watering hole. An owner who is in and out all day every day making sure things run smoothly (they are still recovering from flooding after all), and a friendly bartender that everyone knows by name and is comfortable holding a conversation with all the patrons give you a comforting feeling like having a beer at home. Sounds like your typical neighborhood bar? Except most of those don’t have the awesome beer we all love.


While I was there the taps were:

Stone Arrogant Bastard

Carton 077xx (which actually was kicked by my father)

Kane Drift Line

Southern Tier 422 Pale Wheat Ale

Lost Abbey Devotion

Oskar Blues TenFidy

Ommegang Adoration

River Horse Belgian Freeze

add to that Original Sin for you Cider lovers and oh yeah, Dansk Mjod Viking Blood for those looking for a powerful Mead.


Among the beers on deck were:

Dogfish Head Namaste

Saranac White IPA (which I believe went on to replace 077xx that was kicked)

Weyerbacher Fireside

Carton BDG and Carton of Milk

Kane Afterglow

Port Brewing Mongo

Ramstein Winter Wheat

and Southern Tier Iniquity and Unearthly


All of these wonderful beers on tap and an extensive bottle list which you can read here. I will tell you that they have some nice 2009 Ommegang Adoration and 2009 Three Philosphers. They also have the recent releases like Terrapin Wake-n-Bake and the just released Founders Double Trouble and Imperial Stout.

Great Happy Hour prices are available every day before 7pm.

Did I mention they have a “Beer to Go” license? Yep, so their bottle selection is available to go. Hopefully growler fills will be available soon too. We’ll keep you posted.

Northside Lounge is located at 100 Brooks Boulevard in Manville and online

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