Andy’s Corner Bar

Andy's Corner Bar Bogota New Jersey

Andy’s Corner Bar in Bogota is known for its beer selection.  Barbara and George put all their time and effort into keeping the bar going and tending to their loyal fan club.  The after work crowd sits at the wood bar sipping their ales, pilsners and stouts while enjoying some music and the Food Network on the televisions.  The atmosphere changes a little later in the day when George arrives.  You know you’re in for a treat.  His loud voice echoes through the narrow room making everyone smile while he pours an IPA or Hefeweissen.
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The pretzel to cleanse the palette is a staple and a tradition.  You want to know an answer to something beer related, ask George, he’ll tell you.  Bringing your own food is totally ok and in fact, encouraged.  Make sure you check out the bottle selection near the rear of the bar and sign up for the 100 beer club.  It’s also the only bar around that has cask conditioned beer.  That was how I felt about 3 years ago, but my thoughts have changed.  See this list to your right, well, i completed it in 2008 and I got an email in January of 2010 stating that I completed club #15 and my name’s on the wall, etc etc and stop in the next day (yes, 12 hours notice) to claim my prize.  Well, I emailed back asking if it still be available to claim that weekend and haven’t heard back in almost a year.  Whatever, it’s over now.  Check out Andy’s if you’re into it.

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6 thoughts on “Andy’s Corner Bar”

  1. 2007 100 Beer Club member. Still haven't gotten my shirt and George really pissed me off one night so I haven't been back there in over a year a half. It started going downhill after Tommy the bartender left. Glad I still get to see him my Kohler rep though.

  2. Yes they do still have some of the best beer around. George just needs to work a little on his customer service. Looking forward to maybe seeing Tommy Sunday for kbs

  3. I loved going to Andy's almost every Friday night. Yes, Tommy was a great staple and is missed. Haven't been able to get there as much as I'd like as I've moved further south. However, if you're in the area, it's definitely worth a stop in as their selection is great!

    1. It was a great spot. I'd go with friends, then alone post-work 3PM crowd until it became too much of an expense. Then I have a few paragraphs worth of reasons I stopped going.

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