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the NJCB app

The NJCB App is phased out. Unfortunately, it’s too difficult to continue to update the app with all of the features that work perfectly on the website.

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Download the New Jersey Craft Beer (NJCB) app and start exploring using the native application for both Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and Android platforms.

Version 8.0x released in 2021 fixed a few issues.

Version 7.2020 was released in October 2020 for iOS. A vast array of improvements are included.

Version 6.6789 was redesigned and released in February 2020. It contains graphic updates and easier navigation. The Android version needs to be downloaded from the Store and can not be updated.

Version 5.x adds Members Only content and features, faster load times, slimmer resources and your Account info and a better NJCB Store in the app!

Version 3.14 fixes geolocation issues Map and Explorer were having because of changes to the core built-in browser. It’s faster and slimmed down too. iPhone X support too!

Version 2.5 was built from the ground up on a newer framework which allows for performance enhancements It may require access to your location services, contacts, internal tracking elements to speed up your experiences. You’ll find all of the same features from previous versions but modernized to give you more control. These enhancements are already available for the website but now the App makes it easier to control them! Android users, you’ll find the list of all of our partners as a PDF now works inside the NJCB App.

Version 1.5 contains performance updates and enhancements from the framework that we use to create the app. It may require access to your location services, contacts, internal tracking elements to speed up your experiences. The core of the app is the same however, these features may require new permission approval from previous versions.

We have modified the home screen and sidebar menu options to have the All Partners list. This list contains all of our NJCB Business Partners listed alphabetically with pagination.

KNOWN BUGS: In version 1.5, the Full List of Partners PDF is not working or sometimes loads white on Android. Sorry, but it’s a known thing with Androids. They do not support externally linked PDFs opening in browser inside the App. We’ve made changes to the Members page inside the App. You should NOT have to download anything, but quit your NJCB App and relaunch it to see if it opens. Then bookmark and refer to http://njcb.co/iflop for that list inside your system browser or here.

For Android you can set the app to Auto-Update if you go into the Play Store. Go to Play Store > My Apps > Installed Apps > Choose NJCB App > 3 Dots in top right corner next to search > Check Auto-Update.

For Apple, you will be alerted in your App Store about the update for the NJCB App. Update when prompted.

Push notifications are managed from your preferences in the system NOT from within the App. Feel free to play with those settings but leave them on. You’ll be alerted to fun things. We will not push notifications out before 8am or after 10pm.

We respect privacy and will never sell your email or other data. Visit our legal page for more. The NJCB App was built using WordPress, Apppresser, Adobe PhoneGap and Ionic Framework.

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