Apricot Sour at Chilton MIll

Long Valley: Chilton Mill just won People’s Choice at The Big Brew Festival this past weekend for their new release. The Apricot Sour will be on tap this Friday to celebrate! According to Mike from Chilton Mill…

It is a Kettle Sour fermented on Lactobacillius and an American ale yeast strain, Bittered with Citra and dosed with heaps of Apricots, coming in at 7.2%

Chilton Mill offers NJCB Members 10% off merchandise at 59 E Mill Road in Long Valley.

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1 thought on “Apricot Sour at Chilton MIll”

  1. Ah Chilton Mill, the local that beats the others ! Me, I am not a ”sour kraut”, but good for Chilton, I think their Pils and Lager kick butt and Belgian Trippel gets it too. Never been or will be an advocate for lacto or ”Brett” but if it gets acclaim, it goes with the skills needed to brew more ”mundane” styles that the ”old moldy figs” enjoy, like, Pils, Marzen, Maibocks, Doppelbocks, Kolsch, Schawarzbier und so weiter !

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