Arms 2 Artisans

Our friends Torie from Backward Flag and Jason Carty are teaming up to bring a new concept for Post 9/11 Veterans. Arms 2 Artisans is a nonprofit set to teach military vets about the craft beer trade.  Click over to and for more information.

Foster the successful transition of Post 9/11 Veterans from military life to civilian life through
an artisan skills program and by providing a lifetime of peer to peer support.

The Department of Veterans Affairs defines a Post 9/11 Veteran as having served at least 90 days of aggregate active duty service after September 10th 2001, a Veteran honorably discharged or discharged with a service connected disability after 30 days.

Arms 2 Artisans Fellowship works with a network of sponsors to offer diverse exposure and introduction to education and skills that can be used in and out of the workforce. This 6 month program will assist in transitioning Veterans from military service to civilian life through an artisan skills program. This is accomplished by offering academic classes and hands on experience in an operational Veteran Owned brewery and providing a network of support to assist with follow on internships in sponsor breweries or job placement for the start of a new career.

The 6 Month Program Provides:
• A monthly stipend.
• Periodic rotations within Backward Flag Brewing for experience in the operational, technical and
administrative tasks of a brewery.
• Guest presentations on various topics from brewing professionals, veteran entrepreneurs and
benefit advisors
• Scheduled day trips to education sites such as a yeast lab and hop farm.
• Resume and interview preparation.
• Peer to peer support within a growing network of Veterans.

What this program is not
Arm 2 Artisans is a Veteran transition assistance program. It is not intended to be used as a replacement for a formal brewing education. The intent is not to create brewmasters . We are here to simply introduce a path and support you in the direction you choose to continue.

Arms 2 Artisans

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