Art Closing: Kyle Mello Dixon at Montclair Brewery

Montclair: Kevin from Montclair Brewery sent information about Art Closing: Kyle Mello Dixon at Montclair Brewery scheduled for Sunday, March 17 2024 from 01:00 pm to 04:00 pm. Kevin says…

Come browse the work of Kyle Mello Dixon one last time! After a month-long art residency, Mello’s work will be retrieved and exhibited elsewhere. This event is free of charge.

Mello is a trailblazing designer and artist making waves in the “Wearable Art” realm, with timely releases for NBA’s All-Star Weekend tomorrow!

With his company, Greatness Was When…!, Mello has revolutionized the art scene with his fresh and captivating twist. He has swiftly become one of the most sought-after talents in the industry, attracting high-profile clients such as Drake, Kylie Jenner, and Future.

His expertise goes beyond creating visually stunning pieces. He infuses his work with an interactive element, offering viewers and collectors a truly unique experience, setting him apart from traditional artists.

​Mello’s extraordinary talent has been showcased at prestigious events and galleries worldwide, including Art Basel Miami and esteemed venues in London, NYC, Los Angeles, and Hawaii.

More information can be found at at this link.

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