Atlantic City Beer Fest ticket giveaway

atlantic city beer fest 2013

Here is your opportunity to win tickets to the ACBF!

We are giving away the following tickets: 5 pairs of Friday (Session #1) & 5 pairs of Saturday (Session #2).

In order to win, you need to do the following by March 25. Random winners will be selected on the 25th at 8PM so hurry hurry and enter today.

  • Be an active NJCB Member. Your email address and name will be verified.
  • Leave a comment on stating what brewery you are most looking forward to visiting at the festival. 
  • In the same comment, state which of the sessions you’d prefer to attend. See above for what we are giving away.
  • Come by the NJCB table during the event.
  • Tell at least 1 friend/family member to join into the NJCB Membership Club.
  • Bonus points (but not really, because the winners are going to be random) if you tweet us and @ACBeerFest saying how much you want to win.
  • More fake bonus points if you follow us on Twitter (if you aren’t already) and Like us on Facebook (if you aren’t already).
  • You are not eligible if you previously won tickets from us in the year 2013.
  • You cannot win 2 pairs of tickets.
  • Comments left on websites will not be eligible to win unless also left on NJCB.

You can also read more about ACBF and order tickets by following this link.



  1. Joseph W
  2. Gabe B
  3. Carrie Ann Z
  4. Adam K
  5. Barrett H


  1. Sherri L
  2. Patty W
  3. Steve W (can’t attend) / Mike J
  4. Emily B
  5. Rich D (only needs 1) / Mike B (random new winner)

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115 thoughts on “Atlantic City Beer Fest ticket giveaway”

  1. Dear NJCB,

    I greatly look forward to the New Jersey section in general, and do not wish to call out just one, HOWEVER, Kane, Tuckahoe and Carton are vying for that top spot as of now. I would most like to attend session 2 (I read that as the 12-4 Saturday session) as I think it is less likely to be amateur hour at that time. I will send e-mail to a couple of friends and try to shame Tom (boyfriend) into joining too as he DOES live in NJ! Thanks guys, and best of luck to *ME*. 🙂

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE Rogue and Southern Tier – but looking forward to trying some new tasty brews, as well as the old stand-bys 🙂 And would love to stop by and say “HI” at the Friday night session!! Thanks…(PS – I tell everybody about NJCB, because we are saving tons of money weekly, with the card discounts)

  3. Saturday session for me, also would look forward to Kane & Carton, love those guys, brew some good stuff. Not to mention Firestone Walker. I’ll try and guilt my brother-in-laws into joining.

  4. Abita is my FAVORITE!!!! followed closely by Goose Island! Would love to go to the Saturday Session and cannot wait to stop by NJCB Booth to discuss the different brews that are at the festival along with ones that didn’t show!

    As far as family members joining, I already have 3 of them on the hook along with mostly all of my friends!

  5. Looking forward to all the new brewerys that just started being available in NJ, also haven’t tried Bolero Snort yet! Friday session looks like the most fun! Cheers

  6. I’m obviously looking forward to most of the venders that will be attending. I think one of the breweries I’m most looking forward to is Elysian. I’ve only had a few of theirs here and there, but I’m always impressed. I’d really like to go the second session. Either way, I’m very much looking forward to good brews and great company!

  7. So many I would look forward to! Kane, Carton, Cape May, Troegs, Victory ( just to name a few) on Friday 🙂

  8. I was told that Sam Calagione was bringing something special this year so I am excited to see that. Founders is one of my favorite breweries so I am looking forward to seeing them too!

    Can I please get tickets to Saturday session 2?

  9. Would love to visit NJ Beer Co. and Carton, check out a couple of NJ up and comers! The Saturday afternoon session would be a nice time to do this.

    Good luck to everyone!

  10. Saturday session.

    I love everything I have had by Kane and Carton. Looking forward to trying stuff by Tuckahoe and Bolero Snort!!!!!

    My friends are jealous of my card. So I’ll push them to join.

  11. I am most excited to visit Kane and Firestone Walker, and I would love to go to the Saturday session! I am so excited for this event!

  12. I can’t wait to get to Ballast Point, Weyerbacher and Victory. I’d would love to go to the Friday session!!

  13. Definitely would be stopping by the Great Lakes and Kane tables to enjoy their brews (so many to choose from). Saturday would be prefered session but would gladly accept Friday if I won.

    Have gotten many friends and family to join the club and will keep promoting NJCB; will definitely stop by the NJCB table to say hi.


  14. Stone on Friday! Gotta love tasting BIG IPAs the next morning. I will be signin my wife up on Saturday. We live in PA but that won’t stop us from being NJCB Members!

  15. Bolero Snort is the one I’m most interested in trying. Saturday’s session will be best for me.

  16. Just looking forward to hanging with Mike and the gang… Oh, and Firestone Walker. Saturday night session.

  17. tough decision here but staying inside Jersey, primarily Bolero Snort (because they aren’t available anywhere near Atlantic City, Kane because they are awesome and Flying Fish because it may be my last chance to have some Sandy again!!! Friday Night!

  18. Love the Kane and Carton, and looking forward to trying beers from NJ brewers that I haven’t been able to try, such as Bolero Snort and Cape May Brewing. Prefer the Friday evening session.

  19. Would most like to check out Turtle Stone, as a north Jersey resident who loves to support NJ brewers, but am out of their range. Preference would be the Saturday 12-4 shift to avoid the amateur hour drinkers, but all three are possible for me as far as getting there.

  20. I’m not going currently, so winning would be good!

    I’ll go for the Friday session (cause that seems to be a higher probability right now) and I’ll say Bolero Snort because they’re good guys!

  21. I’d love to score a pair of tix to the AC Beer & Music Festival! Preferably the Saturday session. … I’d really like to visit the Kane table since their brews aren’t readily available by me in Bergen County.

  22. Thank you for the nice thoughts, we won’t be in AC this year. Hopefully we will see you in the tasting room or at your local soon.
    Augie Carton.

  23. Would love to check out Firestone Walker on Friday. Hopefully they are pouring the new Parabola.

  24. I would like to meet the guys from Kane on Saturday and also enjoy some brew from Terrapin !

  25. A little bit of East Coast/West Coast for me, looking forward to all the Jersey breweries on hand but also Lagunitas and Firestone Walker.

  26. I would like to visit the winner of last years people’s choice award, Boaks beer, for the amazing brew of Monster Mash! I would like to attend session #1 on Friday!

  27. Picking ONE is pretty difficult, if not impossible, so I’ll just say Breckenridge for now. Saturday session, please. My good sir. Etc. And whatnot.

  28. I would like to visit Starr Hill because you can’t gey their beers around here. I hope to be at Saturday session # 1

  29. Hi I am a NJCB member and I visited you in Morristown Brew Fest and got my friend Jason M. to sign up.

    I would like tix to the Friday Session. I am looking forward to the Goose Island table, though I hope they have something special and not just the usual Honkers or IPA. I want that all elusive Coffee Bourbon County Stout.

    I like it when breweries from across the country come over here, so I look forward to breweries like Ballast Point and Firestone Walker.

  30. I’ve never been to this. Would love to check it out on Friday/1st-session to also be able to see the Bouncing Souls! Looking forward to trying some brews by Great Lakes and hoping to see some familiar faces from Dogfish Head (..back from my days on Brewmasters).

  31. I would like to see Cape May! Visited their brewery and ha a great time!
    Would like the Saturday 12-4 session please.

  32. Excited to see every NJ brewery, especially Bolero Snort (I haven’t had a chance to try them out yet). Also excited to see what Uinta brings.

    Can I say either night?

  33. I would love to attend session #2 (Saturday afternoon), but either would be awesome.
    I am looking forward to trying Bolero Snort Brewery. If I win tickets, I will definitely stop by the table. 🙂
    Also, I tell everyone I know who cares about beer about the NJ Beer card because it more than pays for itself!

  34. So many good ones but most looking forward to checking out Dogfish Head, River Horse, Abita, Unibroue, and Goose Island at the Friday session.

  35. Saturday session and it’s too difficult to choose just one… Lagunitas, Terrapin, Goose Island (3PA), Stone, Kona, and how could I forget 21st Amendment, especially as a high school history teacher.

  36. Scott Carmichael

    I’m most looking forward to seeing Carton as far as NJ breweries go and where I may talk to a brewery employee, but I’m most intrigued by seeing Gulden Draak. Would love it if someone from their Brewery or distribution was there. Saturday session is ideal.

    I’ve also already mentioned NJCB to many friends and family. I actually was referred by my Brother.

    And I already follow NJCB on Facebook and Twitter, i love getting updates on events.

  37. I’d love to visit the Kane and Carton, two of my favorite NJ breweries. These guys as well as some other great breweries are doing some awesome things for NJ beer scene. Make my ticket for Friday please, but Saturday also works.

  38. Weyerbacher.
    Been rocking the membership since 2011 and haven’t stopped promoting it since!

  39. I would like to go to session 2 (on saturday) I was in Cape May last year at this time but wasn’t able to visit Cape May brewing because it was during the week. I would really like to see what that NJ brewery is doing. I tell everybody about my membership and how much I’m saving! And I would love to stop by your table to tell you what I’ve been drinking.

  40. Yes. Ticket me. Now. Beer me then. But on the 5th… I have a non beer related charity event on the 6th. I’m pretty damn excited for all the breweries. Much love for Bolero and Kane and the other NJ guys, but I’m pretty excited to sample as many as possible.

  41. You have to be excited for all the West Coast guys coming into Jersey. My favorite though is Breck. Never had a bad beer from them. I am curious if they bring special beers to these type of events. Friday night would be awesome.

  42. All the love to the great NJ breweries, but great that tons of other amazing breweries are coming from all over such as Firestone Walker and Lagunitas. I’d love to go to friday session 1 for great brews and THE BOUNCING SOULS repping NJ!!

  43. I look forward to visiting some of the NJ breweries than are not in my area like tuckerton and cape may on a Friday session. In Burlington county, carton is the easiest NJ brew to find, but it isn’t very common. I also look forward to seeing the guys from boulder. That was a cool booth and they have great beer.

  44. Looking forward to trying some of the newer NJ breweries like Tuckahoe and TurtleStone. I’d like to attend the Friday night session.

  45. Saturday session would be great. Looking most forward to trying Bolero Snort since I have not had a chance to try it yet. Will stop by to say hi and pick up a couple bottle openers and stickers. I got 1 person to join this year, but being from PA its tougher but still trying. Thanks for this chance to win and all the other contests as well.

  46. I would so love to meet the guys from Kane adn talk about their GARP at the Saturday session. I would be more than happy to stop at your table and at the Love2Brew demo as well

  47. Although Founder’s, Dog Fish Head, Ballast and Chimay make brews that I will enjoy, I am looking forward comparing 2 PA brewers Weyerbacher to Fegley’s, Insanity vs BB Insidious. But my first stop will be Cape Ann’s. They look interesting and have not come across any of their brews before.
    Friday evening would be my preference.

  48. im turning my 3 car garage into a tavern style mancave,…im collecting anything beer related,flyers,posters,old event tickets…for a wall collage im putting behind the bar….do you have any freebies??? ill pay postage if needed….. JACK ELGIN 4206 CHISHOLM TRAIL SANTA FE TEXAS 77510

  49. Although I will most likely try them all I most look forward to trying our our NJ Breweries like Kane, Climax, Bolero Snort and Boaks. I like to support my local purveyor of fine brew. I would like to attend Session #2 on Saturday. . I will most definitely come by the NJCB table and congratulate you on your great work. Today I will be recommending NJCB to my good friend Max. I already hit Like on FB so I’m good there. Please, please, please pick me!

  50. I am most looking forward to checking out Kane and Firestone Walker’s booths at the festival on Saturday!

  51. I most look forward to the Weyerbacher table every year. However, this I am excited to see Kane’s offerings. I prefer the Saturday session, but I have a good time on any day.

  52. Friday would be cool. really looking forward to Tuckahoe since I haven’t had a chance to try there goods yet. and really excited for founders and terrapin

  53. Wanna see what Carton has to offer….going to be at the Friday session whether I win or not…but I would much rather gamble with that $100 or buy a few Bouncing Souls t-shirts

  54. I want to definitely check out Ipswich Ale table. I prefer the Saturday session and recently came back from Extreme Beer Fest in Boston. This would be another great event I want to enjoy with my friends. I joined not even a month ago and will try to get my group of friends to join njcraft beer!

  55. Hmm I’ve been digging everything that I’ve had from Kane so I’m quite curious to see what they will be bringing to the festival. If possibly I would prefer the night session on Friday, thanks!

  56. I am most looking forward to visiting the Yards table, I loved most of their creations and can’t ever find them in North Jersey! I would be most interesting in the Saturday day session!

  57. I am looking forward to all the beers. I really want to taste the Blue Point offerings.
    Saturday Session

  58. I’m really looking forward to visiting Evil Genius. Either of the Saturday Sessions would be excellent though evening session the most preferred. Already told all my friends to sign up!

  59. Looking forward to Firestone-Walkers offerings at the Friday night event, and I have been pestering Henry(you know who you are) to get his card for 3 months!!!

  60. Looking forward to Dogfish Head and catching up with Sam again if he has a few minutes. Class act and one of the drivers behind the boom in the craft beer industry in the last decade. I would love to attend the Saturday 12-4 session.

  61. I’d love to see them all but I’m always a fan of dogfish. I’d go any day! I bought a friend a membership so that should count.

  62. I would really love to win these tickets and I’m most looking forward to the Firestone Walker Brewing table (Saturday session). I am definitely going to tell let my friend know how much money he’s wasting by not joining NJCB.

    Thanks for holding this contest!

  63. Can’t wait to see what Kane has lined up for the fest. Already have tickets to the Saturday night session, would love to go to the daytime one as well. Will for sure be stopping by the NJCB table, especially since I have never met any of the crew. Also have been trying to get my friends to join up for the past year plus. Still no luck though. Maybe if you guys have signups there I can peer pressure them on the spot, make them feel guilty in front of you guys lol.

  64. Looking forward to trying Bolero Snort to help support local NJ brewers. Session 1 would be ideal, but session 2 works as well.

  65. I want to check out the NJ breweries that don’t distribute out of their immediate brewing area. Always looking for something Jersey Fresh! Saturday session.

  66. Oh man. I’m really looking forward to visiting 21rst amendment and oskar blues. Oh and Firestone walker. Can’t wait to see what’s sampling. Also…session 2 is best for me. Also also I told my friend tom about you and he joined. Before me even..ha..keep up the great work.

  67. I’m looking forward to Lagunitas and Carton. Can’t go wrong either way there. Friday, session 1 would be ideal.

  68. I am looking forward to everything but Lagunitas should be cool! Id prefer Saturday but anything will do.
    Keep on rockin the beer world!!

  69. Looking forward to seeing the guys from Bolero Snort again. I would like to attend the afternoon session.

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