Atlantic City Beerfest Meetups! #njcbhigh5

As some of you may know we are going to be at the AC Beerfest on Saturday representing at a booth.  Let’s make the non craft beer drinkers jealous and all come over to my booth to win free shirts and for a big New Jersey Craft Beer group high five.  It would make for a lovely picture of all you guys.  I’m not exactly sure where the booth will be but look for the logo and stop by at the following times.

Saturday Session 2 @ 2PM and Session 3 @ 8PM.

It’s halfway through the event so you’ll be nice and hopped up by then.   Tell your friends and let’s make this event a great memory!  Oh, make sure you use #njcbhigh5 on Twitter if you are talking about it.  You Twitter lovers will know what that means.

AC beerfest 11

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