BANDADE Brewery tour at Human Village

Pitman: Our friend Megan from Human Village sent us the following information about BANDADE Brewery tour.

BANDADE Brewery tour coming to the Human Village on June 22 7-10pm? We’re hosting the Cold Weather Company, Accidental Seabirds, and Tall Horse.

This is a very worthy cause and the festival organizers are passionate and closely impacted by the fight against cancer as they lost a close friend at a young age. We were thrilled to have been selected to join the list of breweries and venues, especially because in the past year our community has been rocked by several losses from cancer and we know another loved member of our community, and regular performer at the Bus Stop, who is fighting with such grace. We want this event to be the best success possible for this awesome organization.

$1 off craft beer & 10% off merchandise for NJCB Members at Human Village located at 148 South Broadway, Pitman.

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