Barcade Jersey City update

No official word on the opening date, from Paul from Barcade, but he did provide me the details below.

will be featuring all American craft breweries and only draft just like our Brooklyn location. Expect to see beers from Allagash, Dogfish Head, Victory, Fisherman’s, Climax, Chelsea, Sixpoint, Brooklyn, Southampton, Avery, Sly Fox, Rogue and many of the others that we pour in Brooklyn. We are not officially announcing our game lineup but we will have 33 games, all from the 1970’s and 1980’s only. Expect about half of the titles to be different from the ones in Brooklyn. We will not have any pinball machines or anything other than classic video games from those years. Our address is 163 Newark Avenue at the corner of Barrow St. We will be open daily at 12pm, closing at 2am on weeknights and 3am on Fridays and Saturdays.

I also just got word that the signs are going up and all that.  Opening date, according to Paul, will be at the end of the month meaning March.

You can also check out Barcade’s website and Facebook if you desire.

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7 thoughts on “Barcade Jersey City update”

  1. yeah! any chance for gettin one a little further west out in the NJ burbs?…We're in dire need of a GOOD craft beers on tap location…I'm thinking I'll invest to get it goin!

  2. — excerpt from full review at
    Overall this place evokes great nostalgia in a warm comfortable atmosphere. The tap list is extensive and I recommend you read the descriptions on the printed sheet or else you might get something that gives you the I just got smacked in the mouth face. The food is good and simple for a quick eat but that's a good thing, this place isn't pretending to be a restaurant, its taking its niche and doing it well. Stay thirsty but stay different!

    Visit the for more reviews

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