Barley Legal Homebrewers Big Brew Day 2011 is today!!

barley legal homebrew club

For all brewers / beer lovers in the Phila / NJ area (or beyond that if you feel like driving), our new homebrew club …the Barley Legal Homebrewers are having a Big Brew event on May 7th in the back parking lot at Iron Hill maple Shade:  $10 buys you a glass so you can come taste a wide variety of homebrews.

This comes directly from the Barley Legal Homebrewers Club.   There’s a ton of info down below here as well.  Sounds like a great way of spreading the homebrew joy with a huge group of beer lovers.  Feel free to join up to the group and get in on the action.

We will have yeast donated from Flying Fish Iron Hill


1. Registration – We will have a table at the lot entrance where everyone must check in. We will be checking IDs and under no circumstances should anyone under 21 be drinking alcohol. Let’s respect Iron Hill and not have any problems. All members and guests should provide their name, email, what they are brewing and how many gallons. We will then submit this information to the AHA Big Brew Site. You will always pick up your event beer glass, hats and purchase any raffle tickets at this table. I am estimating that the most anyone should have to pay is $5.00 for their glass, $10.00 for a hat and a few extra bucks for raffle tickets and 50/50. The proceeds will be used to open an account for the club and to finance future projects/events. All club members should plan on taking brief shifts working the registration table.

2. Prizes – The donations from breweries and brew pubs are continuing to pour in. I’ve gone to all my local beer stores and have not been turned down yet. I ask that everyone else do the same in their area. We have gift certificates, hats, t-shirts, bottle openers, and much more to use for raffle prizes. We would like to see everyone win something. Please get in touch with me ASAP to coordinate any donations you have received.

3. Food – Everyone should plan on providing their own food for the Big Brew Day. Personally, I will be bringing my small grill and some dogs/burgers/chicken. If anyone wants to bring their own meat and throw it on my grill, I am perfectly ok with that. Also, we want to limit any reason for entering the brewery with wet feet/clothes or all dirty from brewing. I know there is an Acme right next to the brewery parking lot and I believe a pizza place too. You can always walk next door for food if you do not want to bring any.

4. Guests – We encourage everyone to bring guests with them. This can include family, friends and acquaintances that may want to start brewing or just want to hang out and have a good time. This event is kid-friendly for those who want to bring their young ones or teens. But please remember, no ID bracelet, no drinking.

5. Brewing Ingredients – Everyone who plans to brew will be responsible for their own ingredients. We will have a few different strains of yeast on hand but you can certainly bring your own if you want. We have also received hops and grain as donations, which will be available for club members. However, I would not recommend planning you recipe around this as most of these will be used for raffle prizes. We will also have city water available from Iron Hill but everyone NEEDS to bring a hose length or two each as the hook up is a good distance from the lot we will be brewing in. I will supply the sprayers, splitters and valves but it will not hurt to bring your own if you have them.

6. Brewing Equipment – Again, each brewer is responsible for their own equipment and set up. Iron Hill will provide some tents but if you have one, please bring it. Also, if you need a table, please bring that. We don’t know if it will rain, be really sunny or hot but from experience the more tents and tables we have, the better off we will be. Also, if you need electricity for pumps, mills, etc., bring some extension cords and splitters. If possible though, try to use cordless and battery operated equipment where you can. Of course, bring your own propane and perhaps a back up bottle if you think you are running low. Finally, you will need to have your own kettles, tuns and fermenters as well as your choice of cleaners/sanitizers.

7. Home Brew & Ice – We encourage everyone to bring their home brew for consumption and sharing with others. Mike and I are bringing at least 3 or 4 corny kegs of different styles. Keep in mind that you will need to bring your own C02, taps, etc. You can also bring your bottled home brew but don’t forget an opener! Chris has offered to fill up a couple of coolers with ice early in the morning from the restaurant. However, if you will not be arriving until later in the morning or day, you will need to supply your own ice for coolers. No ice will be available later in the day from the restaurant.

8. Misc – Everyone should also bring their own trash can. Iron Hill will let us put our spent grain in their grain dumpster but we need to leave the lot exactly the way we find it when we arrive. Please plan to take your trash with you when you leave.

I think that covers all the questions. If you have any additional questions, please ask post here

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