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Just saw this information from Chris at Iron Hill Maple Shade.

The date has been set, the line-up has been finalized.  March first at noon, mark  your calendars!  We’ve decided to raise the bar this year and do six bourbon-aged-beer and six wild beers (we did 5 each last year).  The line-up includes my favorite bourbon beer (Bourbon McMaster) and two super rare wild beers; the last keg of Wild Jerry Chris Mas and Casey’s Wedding beer.  Casey’s Wedding Beer was just that; the wedding favor beer from Casey Hughes’ (formerly of Flying Fish, now of Coppertail Brewing) wedding.  The base beer, a collaboration between Casey and I, was an IPA brewed with experimental hops (these new varieties had numbers, not names).  The wedding beer was fermented in oak with the Drie Fonteinen strain of Brettanomyces.  A wine barrel holds 4 kegs, two kegs went to the favor bottles, one keg went on tap at the wedding, and the last keg will go on tap on March 1st.  So if you weren’t at Casey’s wedding, this could be your only chance to try it!  The complete list is below my signature.  As always we’ll be serving two sampler trays; one for the wild beers, and one for the bourbon beers.  Be there!




Bourbon Porter

OG: 1.057   Color: 22   IBU:40   ABV: 5.3%
Our award-winning Pig Iron Porter aged for 9 months in bourbon barrels. Dark and roasty featuring the flavors of coffee, toffee, and chocolate with the aroma of bourbon and vanilla.

Bourbon Russian Imperial Stout
OG:1.095   Color: 35   IBU:75   ABV: 8.6%

Our Russian Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels. The complex malt character is balanced with distinct bourbon and vanilla flavors.

Bourbon Winter Warmer

OG: 1.080   Color:16   IBU:20   ABV: 8.0%

Our Winter Warmer, (a dark ale finished with classic winter spices) aged in a used Bourbon barrel for eight months.


Bourbon McMaster

OG:1.087   Color: 16   IBU:35   ABV: 8.6%

Our Wee Heavy Scotch Ale aged in bourbon barrels. The rich malt character supports distinct bourbon and wood characters.

Bourbon 2 Logan TJ

OG: 1.103 Color: 18  IBU: 25 ABV: 9.7%

Full-bodied, rich Colonial ale aged in bourbon barrels with whole vanilla beans. Intense caramel malt sweetness and aroma is balanced with bourbon and vanilla flavors.

Bourbon Decaf

OG: 1.064   Color:40   IBU:30   Alc by Vol: 5.1%

An English-style sweet stout brewed with oatmeal and lactose then aged in a bourbon barrel were it picks up notes of vanilla, toasted wood and bourbon.

Saison Wood

OG: 1.064   Color: 3 IBU:30   Alc by Vol: 7.7%

A classic Belgian-style farmhouse ale, unfiltered, bright and light-bodied. Fermented with the earthy, fruity and spicy DuPont strain, then spiked with Brett B and finished in oak. ABV: 7.3%

OG: 1.054 Color: 13 IBU:22 ABV 5.0%

Flemish -style red ale starts off with a light caramel sweetness that gives way to a quenching sourness and effervescent mouthfeel.


The Chief

OG: 1.083  Color: 17 IBU: 34 ABV: 9.5%

Mahogany-colored blend of Belgian abbey ales aged in a used Madeira barrel. Notes of Madeira, wood and wild yeast characters from the barrel mingle with specialty malt and Belgian yeast characters.

Wild Jerry Chris Mas

OG: 1.070 Color: 20 IBU: 13 ABV: 8.1%

A collaboration with Jerry Vietz of Unibroue.  Spiced, Cherry, Christmas Ale aged in a used wine barrel and spiked with Brettanomyces. Funky and complex.

Casey’s Wedding Beer

OG: 1.073   Color:3   IBU:55   ABV: 7.5%

Our collaboration with Casey Hughes, then of Flying Fish.  Jersey’s Finest IPA fermented exclusively with the Drie Fonteinen strain of Brettanomyces. Bright notes of citrus, finishes with a quenching acidity and phenolic spiciness.  The only other people who have had this beer are those who attended Casey’s wedding.

Brett Pete’s Celebration

OG: 1.110   Color:14   IBU:45   ABV: 10.8%

Our strongest Belgian ale with hints of dark, dried fruit hiding a warming alcohol content, aged in a Cabernet barrel for 9 months with wild yeasts, lending a refreshing tartness and drier finish


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