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NEW BRUNSWICK: Beer 201 – Malt is happening at Hub City Brewhouse

Rebekah from Hub City Brewhouse said on Tuesday, April 18 from 06:30 pm to 08:00 pm

It’s time to go back to school – Beer School that is!

Join us and Professor Gary Rosen for the next semester of Beer School! It’s free to attend, all you pay for is the beer you drink!

In each class Professor Rosen will guide you through tasting a curated beer flight and teach you about the beer you’re drinking and the history of where it came from.

This year we are excited to announce we will be offering TWO classes a month, Beer 101 and Beer 201.

Beer 101 is perfect for people new to craft beer and want to learn more more more about it. But dont be fooled, this class is in depth and even the most seasoned beer drinking will learn a thing or two from this class! This monthly class will focus on style and history. Class Schedule is below:

April 3 – Intro to Ingredients and History
May 1 – Germany
June 5 – Great Britain
July 10 – Belgium
August 7 – Specialty Beers
September 6 – New Jersey Beers
October – Graduation TBA

Beer 201 will be our advanced class. In this class you will join Professor Rosen as you explore the ingredients in-depth. You will compare different strains of yeast, malt, hops, etc and discuss the characteristics they give beer. While this is listed as our “advanced” class it is the perfect compliment to Beer 101 and we would love to see students at both! Class Schedule below:

April 18 – Malt
May 16 – Yeast
June 20 – Hops
July 18 – Barrel Aged
August 22 – Sours
September 19 – Off Flavors

Can’t wait to see you there!

More information can be found at NJCB Members save 10% off draft beer at 335 George Street in New Brunswick.

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