Beer for Babes Central Jersey Meetup

Stacy from Beer for Babes sent us over their Central Jersey Meetup at George Street Ale House, located at 378 George Street in New Brunswick. Visit the site, Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget that NJCB Members get 10% off your ENTIRE bill! Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates. and

Date: Thursday, September 25

Time: 6-8 p.m.

Announcing our monthly Central Jersey meetup! Starting on September 25th, we’ll meet the last Thursday of every month for a tutored beer tasting and casual hangout at George Street Ale House in New Brunswick! Three cool things about this: James, the bar manager, will lead our tastings; we’ll get a discount on flights, which change monthly; most months we’ll meet in the sort-of private basement level where we’ll be SKYPING on a large screen with prominent women in the beer world! Dying to ask Carol Stoudt a brewing question? Want to introduce yourself to a female brewery owner in your next vacation destination? Here’s your chance. Let me know whom you’d like to talk to and we’ll line her up. Put it on your calendar, bring your female friends and come hang out.

beer for babes

George Street Ale House

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