How Beer Explains History: A Popular History at Camden County College

We were recently sent over a course offering at Camden County College scheduled to happen this March.

How Beer Explains History: A Popular History

Beer may be humble, but fully understanding it can be anything but simple. As a starch based alcoholic beverage, beer has a rich and long past and has played surprising roles in the development of our civilization. This course will be taught by Maris Kukain- is, a local beer aficionado, and will explore the history of beer going back thousands of years stretching across different parts of the globe and its significant impact on the world’s culture and society. This amazing tale will end locally by looking at beer’s renaissance here in New Jersey. An impressive cast of passionate commercial brewers and beer professionals will participate in sharing their stories of what makes beer great!

More information can be found on their catalog. You can find information about registering too!

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