Beer for Babes Cape May Co. Brewery Field Trip

Our friends at Beer for Babes have sent over their next event. It’s the Beer for Babes Cape May Co. Brewery Field Trip with Lunch and Optional Sunset Happy Hour and it’s this Sunday, August 18, 11am – 5pm. NJCB Members, there are great deals at Tuckahoe and Cape May Brewing just for you too!

Fun day to visit both of Cape May County’s breweries: Tuckahoe and Cape May, plus lunch and optional sunset happy hour on the water. Tuckahoe is closed on Sundays so we’ll have owner Tim Hanna’s undivided attention as he gives us a tour and tasting. Then we’ll probably have lunch at Red Sky Cafe — a personal fav — then continue on to Cape May where the owner/brewer will guide us through the brewery and his beers. Afterwards, we’ll sip Cape May’s beers on the deck at Harpoon Henry’s while the sun goes down (this part is optional).

We’ll park at Tuckahoe and carpool to the rest. Please RSVP and tell me whether you want to drive (how many people can you fit?) or ride and whether you want to stay for happy hour. I figure we’ll be done at Cape May by 5pm and finish up at Harpoon Henry’s around 7 (or whenever you’re ready to leave).

Ladies only please!

Start at:

Tuckahoe Brewing Co.

9 Stoney Court, Dennisville, New Jersey 08230

Beer for Babes is their Facebook group too.

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