Beer mail from Canals West Deptford 3/4

This is what’s on tap currently in West Deptford.

Nectar Red Ale

Ommegang 3 Philosophers

Tripel Karmeliet

Avery New World Porter

Duchesse de Bourgogne

Long Trail Pollinator

Stoudt’s Winter

Yard’s ESA

joe canals west deptford

with these following beers ready to replace the kegs at the growler station.

Southern Tier Gemini, North Coast Brother Thelonious, Terrapin Rye Squared, Sixpoint Righteous Rye, Unibroue Blanche DeChambly, Southern Tier 2X IPA, Stone Arrogant Bastard, Unibroue LaTerrible, Yard’s IPA and Cricket Hill Brown.

They’re also doing a March Madness type event.  Here are the details.

So it’s now March which means the madness is coming. We decided to start the madness now! We ranked the top 64 craft beer breweries we sell from 1-64 using sales stats and general popularity. Then we seeded them From 1-16 4 times creating a 64 brewer tournament! In other words, its a basketball tournament pool using breweries instead of teams. When you get your growler filled this weekend, you can fill out a bracket and toss it in the box to be counted on Monday morning. The breweries with the most votes will move to the next round next weekend. The champion will be crowned the same week as the college basketball champion is crowned. The winning brewery will featured with a Tap Takeover in May right before Memorial day! Awesome!The bracket above is empty, but the big bracket board is filled in and hanging on the wall at the growler station so you can keep track of the winners and losers every week. This should be fun!

Canal’s West Deptford is located at 1075 Mantua Pike in Woodbury.

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