Beginner Homebrewing Seminar at Brew Hardware

Beginner Homebrewing Seminar at Brew Hardware is happening on January 29 2015 from 06:30 pm to 07:30 pm. NJCB Members save 5% off 5% off purchases of $30 or more including homebrewing equipment and ingredients. Stop by 135 Main Street in Whitehouse Station.

Bobby from said that

This seminar is designed for individuals who are interested in learning about making home brewed beer but have either never done it before or perhaps have only made a batch or two on a department store style kit like “Mr. Beer” or similar kits.

To give participants a general understanding of the homebrewing hobby to help determine if further investment and pursuit is warranted.


This is a seminar style class with an ongoing Q&A dialog. A batch of beer will not be brewed. Questions answered:
What is Beer?
Is it legal?
How long does it take?
What kind of equipment do you need?
How much does it cost (upfront, ongoing)?
How is the style of beer affected by ingredients?
What determines the strength (alcohol percentage)?
What is the basic process and timeline from brewing to drinking?

In summary, these are all questions that a non-brewing, walk-in customer would typically ask as they browse the store. It is our intention to refer those customers to this seminar so that they can get all the answers along with their peers when the shop is quiet.

Attendees of this class will receive a $10 store credit at the end of the session, essentially making the tuition free. This is most logically used if the attendee decides to purchase a beginner equipment and/or ingredients kit. They will also receive the BSG Handcraft Beginner’s Brewing Guide. This is a small booklet that will reinforce the concepts discussed.

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