BFM Abbaye de St Bon-Chien 2010 at Copper Mine tomorrow and more

The Copper Mine Pub North Arlington NJ Craft beer bar

Just got an email that Copper Mine is tapping this beer.  Here’s what Vito, the owner, had to say.

thursday, we will be tapping a keg of bfm abbaye de st bon-chien 2010.  we have had this keg in the cellar for awhile now and figured this would be a good week to tap it.  this is a rare excellent sour ale from switzerland.  the beer sees a bunch of different wine barrels in the aging process.

this sunday, we will be closed for easter.  so saturday we will be having a discount on growler fills, $2 off 64oz growlers and $1 off 32oz growler fills.  we sell 32oz glass growlers, but you can also bring your own as well.

tuesday, april 10th, we will be having a homebrew meetup.  if youre a new to brewing or a seasoned vet youre welcome to join the meetup.  you can bring about 24oz of each beer so everyone can try it.  starts at 8.

Here’s the address 323 Ridge Road in North Arlington and for more info, check out Copper Mine Pub’s official website, Twitter and Facebook pages too.  Save $1 off each craft beer on Sundays by purchasing the NJCB Membership Club Card.

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