Big Brew Beer Fest ticket giveaway ENDS TODAY

big brew beer fest

We’re giving away ONE set of general admission tickets to the Big Brew Beer Fest! This contest is ONLY open to NJCB Members! In order to win, you need to leave a comment in this article. The following needs to be answered in the comments to enter the random drawing for the February 16 event!

  • Tell us what brewery you are most excited to drink a beer from. Feel free to speculate on what beers you’d like to see being poured.
  • You must be an 2013 NJCB Member to win. Your name and email address on file with us will be verified.
  • You must tell your friends about us and stop by our table during the event.
  • We will be picking a winner on Monday, February 4. Please stay tuned to your email to see if you are the winner.
  • We will use to pick the winners. You cannot win the prize if you have won something in the past 90 days from NJCB.

More details can be found on this post.

and the winner is……….. Tom S. You just were emailed!

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36 thoughts on “Big Brew Beer Fest ticket giveaway ENDS TODAY”

  1. Definitely looking forward to Flying Fish’s FU Sandy. I am a 2013 member and will be telling my beer buddies about the Big Brew Beer Festival and will be stopping by the New Jersey Craft Beer table when I’m at the Fest.

  2. Impossible to choose but I’ll go with Terrapin. This is our second year as members. Gave a few memberships as Christmas gifts. Love it!

  3. Definitely looking foward to the beers from The Shed. Haven’t tried a lot from them. And of course FU sandy. Saved a ton of money with what has become my most useful card last year. Looking foward to 2013.

  4. I am most excited to try the Stone Vertical Epic, and 21st Amendment’s Stout! And of course the FU Sandy… Hopefully I will win and then I can stop by your table and tell all of my friends!

  5. Sixpoint, Evil Genius, and Left hand.
    Been my go to the last few weeks.
    Hoping for Diesel Black eye PA, and Fade to Black and Both Milk Stouts.

  6. Looking forward to seeing Left Hand, and I’ve already told all my friends, so I tell random strangers in the bars that they’re missing out!

  7. I love Stone beers! They do such a great job with new and inventive things! I really hope they expand their Belgian selection. Now that Vertical Epics are through, maybe they will do something along the same vein. Perhaps something like brewing beer with the number of ingredients with the last number of each year. (e.g. 2013 would have water, one hop variety, one malt variety. 2014 would have water, two hop varieties, one malt variety. 2015 would have water, two hop varieties, to malt varieties, etc.) If anyone could pull it off it would be Stone!!

  8. Karen Martin-Ringel and Mark Ringel

    Three words: Kane, Kane, Kane! I don’t know how they do it but every beer of theirs my wife and I have been able to procure have been simply deliciious. By the way, my wife, Karen Martin-Ringel, purchased my 2013 membership for me but it inadvertantly is registered under her name, which is OK since we partake of all things beer as a (very happy) couple. I have and will continue to spread the good name of the NJCB whenever possible. Thanks for all that you do.

  9. I’m always curious to see what 21st Amendment has in store.

    And here’s hoping High Point Brewery has something special for the event.

  10. Christopher Higgins

    Saying Dogfish Head is so cliche, but heck, I love everything they put out so they get my vote!

  11. Looking forward to drinking some Founders brews. Would love it if they poured some KBS seeing as how I have never had a chance to try it! I will be sure to tell all my friends about NJCB and then stop by the table. Cheers!

  12. Founders Brewing, I haven’t had a beer from them that I haven’t liked. Anything they bring I want to try.

    I have already invited 2 extra people.

    See you there!

  13. Would love to have some Flower Power from Ithaca, Lancasters Hop Hog, or Troegs Nugget Nectar…got to have at least one of the three, not?

  14. Lost Abbey but have to the try the F U Sandy

    Definitely looking forward to stopping by the NJCB table during the event and have been telling all my buddies they should get their tickets now for this.

  15. Looking forward to some Horny Goat and Left Hand.

    We continue to spread the word and look forward to stopping by the table.

  16. Looking forward to Evil Genius (have heard a lot but not had a chance to sample yet). I’m also always curious what Sixpoint will have as they do a lot of one offs.

    I’ve been preaching NJCB since day one…the one stop shop for NJ Craft Beer News!



  17. Can’t wait to try fu sandy. Love my 2013 njcb card, also can’t wait for dogfish trip on 23rd

    1. Can’t wait to see what Lagunitas is bringing and try some FU Sandy. My friends and I are NJCB members. See you there!!

  18. Looking forward to River Horse Hopalotamus Double IPA….also lots of talk about this FU Sandy, hope it’s interesting. NJCB Member for 2013…hope to see you there.

  19. If Sierra Nevada is pouring Ruthless Rye, I’m all in. Cricket Hill is my local favorite, Lagunitas, Stone, Dogfish Head…what’s not to like!! Yeah, I am a member, I will even stop by your table. My in-laws live in Morristown, and my parents live nearby too, so i will have a babysitter. I really am perfect for this event. Choosing anyone else would just be dumb. 😉

  20. Gotta give a shout out to the Jersey brews: Flying Fish, Riverhorse, Cricket Hill, Ramstein – don’t see Kane or Carton on the list but hope to see them there. Love to try some Imperial stouts, IPAs… with the weather lately, need some good winter warmers too. This looks like a great event.

  21. Would love to get into the VIP tent to try the Killer Penguin, but with GA tix I’d be lined up a the Weyerbacher table. Everything they make is awesome.

  22. Brant Schweinsberg

    Captain Lawrence for me. The last beer I had from them in NJ was their Smoke from the Oak (Rum Barrel) and it was amazing. Their brewery contributed greatly to my formative years in craft beer.

    They have so many great, big beers that it is difficult to speculate on what they will bring. I can dream for Cuvée de Castleton.

  23. I’d love if bell’s brewery was there, really want to try Hopslam. I always love Yards and really want to try their barley wine!

  24. I am most excited for Firestone Walker, Goose Island, and Lake Placid. We had the opportunity to visit Lake Placid Pub while vacationing and along with amazing beers, their staff and food a great too.

  25. Hoping to try something from Cricket Hill, haven’t had any of their beers yet. Big fan of Lefth hand. Troegs makes some delicious beers, always a fan of some long trail, maybe a triple bag. Just joined the club recently with my wife and man have we been missing out.

  26. I’m really excited about Firestone Walker and Dogfish Head. Collectively they make my favorite IPAs. I would love it if FW roll out something new at BBBF and hoping Dogfish has some of their latest Sierra Nevada collaboration, Rhizing Bines.

  27. I’d like to try some more offerings from Firestone Walker and 21st Amendment. Can’t get enough West coast around here.

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