Big Brew Beer Festival ticket giveaway!

As you know, The Big Brew Beer Festival is back and we have a pair of tickets to the event for 2015 NJCB Members. This is going to be a fun contest. Take the next five minutes and read and do the following instructions.

As you may have seen, Clown Shoes has released Garden State Rhapsody, their NJ market only beer, and we’ll have it at our table for all VIP ticketholders and then NJCB Members only during the remainder of the festival at both sessions. Thanks to our friends Clown Shoes and Peerless Beverage for hooking it up! So, let’s get you there…


  • What comes to your mind when you hear the words New Jersey and Clown? Submit your creative answers on this post (on in the comments. Pictures, Haikus, short stories, links, dissertations, Photoshops, memes, whatever is allowed. Just get creative and have fun.
  • Be a valid 2015 NJCB Member. Your name/email should match our system or your entry is invalid.
  • Be able to attend the event to either session. You will pick which session after we announce the winner.
  • Team NJCB will compile the list and pick our favorite.
  • This contest ends on Tuesday, February 17. We will email the winner and you need to come to our table during the festival!

and if you don’t win, use the promotion code NJCB to save on tickets. Stop by our table centered around all of the NJ breweries including Pinelands Brewing, 902 Brewing, Kane Brewing, Bolero Snort, Flounder and Tuckahoe. Ask us about the collaboration beer as well.

big brew beer festival


and the winner is, Scott S. The team voted and you’ve been emailed!

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35 thoughts on “Big Brew Beer Festival ticket giveaway!”

  1. New Jersey politicians!! We have a tradition of giving clowns great jobs!! Only Texas has clowns better that ours!

  2. Iconic scene from Goodfellas with Jersey’s own Joe Pesci..

    “You mean, let me understand this cause, ya know maybe it’s me, I’m a little f***** up maybe, but I’m funny how, I mean funny like I’m a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh, I’m here to f****’ amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How am I funny?”

  3. That whole “Jersey Shore” show. Why would you go to a bar and sip drinks out of a tiny straw. That’s not NJ.

  4. Clowns are these fantastically colorful, strong willed individuals. Able to shrug off being humiliated and able to bring a crowd to roaring laughter. Think about it, that is New Jersey! We are full of colorful people and crazy actions. This state, it’s people (us!), all have the jersey strong complex. We can make a joke and take a joke, we can throw a blow and take one just as well. We can be laughed at and have no problem laughing back. No matter what the case is, we are exactly like the clown that we envision. We stand tall, take the blows, and get back up to do it again the next day Because we are Jersey strong all the way!

    So drink up Jersey!
    Cheers! Salute! Kampai! Prost!

  5. When I was a kid I used to watch Bozo the Clown every Sat. Morning. He was kind of scary ( all clowns are) but I loved him. Brings back memories.

  6. Clowns? The people we have to deal with on our highways that don’t know how to drive! And that’s why I need a beer when I get home…

  7. My first thought for New Jersey Clown was the clown mural in Asbury Park. It hits on many jersey essentials. He’s down the shore in a town with a boardwalk that’s making its way back. He’s next to an historic rock club that has hosted national acts and state treasures. And he keeps up his grin whatever the weather. When the town took a turn, when hurricanes batter the boardwalk he keeps his commitment to smile. Maybe he’s happy, maybe he’s just maniacal.×401/local/-/media/AsburyPark/2014/08/26/-asbbrd06-25-2014pressmon1a00320140624imgtillie.jpg116f7p1g5bl.jpg

  8. I had a friend was a circus clown
    Back in high school
    He could walk that tightrope
    But his shoes weren’t cool, boy
    Saw him the other night at this beer fest thing
    I was walking in, he was pouring suds
    We went outside, sat down, he wore his giant kicks
    And all he kept talking about was

    Clown Shoes beer, he moved up north
    Clown Shoes beer, he started brewing stuff
    Clown Shoes beer, Clown Shoes beer

    -Bruce Springsteen, “Clown Shoes Days”

  9. The man in charge of New Jersey, the Beck hater, and Joe Canals for changing the discount to growlers only.

  10. Tell your friends to stop clowning around and become a member of New Jersey Craft Beer! You must be a clown for not joining NJCB!!

  11. The only NJ clown I can think of right now is me in my sick with bronchitis & loopy on the Rx cough medicine self. I’ll need some good beer when I ‘m better.

  12. Gov. Christie falling out of the chair at the radio station…lmao So perfect for such a dumb *** clown!

  13. Trenton’s got pork roll, Asbury Park has Tillie, Atlantic City has Nucky, Bergen County has overpriced houses and traffic, Jersey City has hipsters, Cape May has beaches , New Brunswick started the music scene. This state is full of good stuff everywhere I go and you’d be a clown for not using this Membership.

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