Bira Beer Tasting at Wine Chateau

Metuchen: Bira Beer Tasting is happening at Wine Chateau

Bob from Wine Chateau said on Friday, May 26 from 05:00 pm to 07:00 pm

Wine Chateau Metuchen will be hosting a sampling from India’s Bira Original Beer. Featuring their White Ale & Blonde Lager!

About Bira:
B9 Beverages (the company behind Bira 91) is a start-up with the mission to bring a craft beer revolution to the world. Based out of New Delhi, with expansion in motion throughout the US, everyone at B9 Beverages cares deeply about one thing – creating and making beers that people can fall in love with.

Handcrafting the world’s greatest beer is our life’s work.
With careful selections of the World’s best ingredients; malts from Belgium, hops from the Himalayas and water from the finest sources – all combined to bring you the World’s finest beer!

More information can be found at 10% off craft beer for NJCB Members at 85 Central Avenue, Metuchen.

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