Bistro 55 taps 3/4

bistro 55

Some new taps include Boaks Wooden Beanie, Long Trail Coffee Stout, Firestone Walker Double Jack IPA, Green Flash IPA, Ithaca Apricot and Long Trail Doublebag.

Bistro 55 is on Route 17 in Rochelle Park.  You can easily pass by it if you’re driving in the left lane due south of the GSP Mall.  A menu can be found on their website as well.

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1 thought on “Bistro 55 taps 3/4”

  1. Bistro 55 is our favorite restaurant in Bergen County. They have really good food, good service and a killer selection of tapped beers. They ALWAYS have Ithaca Apricot Wheat on tap along with a host of IPAs like Ithaca Flower Power and the Dogfish series. I even got a Bacon Bourbon Martini a few weeks ago.

    Good place.

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