Bottle Release ~Aubergine & Twelve Avenues~ at Kelly Green

Pitman: Bottle Release ~Aubergine & Twelve Avenues~ is happening at Kelly Green Brewing Co.

Ed from Kelly Green Brewing Co. said on Saturday, November 4 from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm

On Saturday November 4th @12pm we will be releasing the following two bottles from our Small Batch Series of Barrel Fermented ales. That same afternoon is Pitman’s Food Truck festival, right on our front doorstep. Going to be a super fun day, we have a couple more surprises in store as well that we will announce next week.
~Aubergine~ a saison brewed with Oats, Wheat & Aged Cascade hops, fermented and aged in wine barrels with our house culture, then refermented on gobs of the purplest fruit we could find in Black Currant and Plum puree. The resultant beer is a beautiful purpleish-red with a pink head boasting aromas of your favorite Jam, hay, & dried leaves, some might say it tastes Jammy AF, acidic and medium bodied. We hope everyone enjoys this one as much as we have. **220** bottles of Aubergine were packaged in 750ml bottles for sale @ $20/bottle ~ 3 bottles/person limit.**
~Twelve Avenues~ This is our second bottling of this Bière de Coupage, its brewed with a base of Vienna malt, Oats, and hopped with Simcoe and Styrian Goldings in both the kettle and dry hop at a rate of 3lbs/bbl. At packaging we blended in 30% Adit, up from the 15% in the previous batch. This beer is a welcome to fall with aromas of pepper, perfume, and a fruity peach thing giving way to a malt presence that reminds us of sourdough bread crust, it finishes lightly acidic and dry, very effervescent and drinkable. This is one for now, and one to age, but has been in bottles for 10 weeks now. **240** bottles of Twelve Avenues were packaged in 750ml bottles for sale @ $15/bottle ~ 6 bottles/person limit.**

Kelly Green Brewing Co.154 S Broadway, Pitman, NJ 08071

More information can be found at at this link. $2 off 64 oz growler fills, $1 off 32 oz growler fills & 10% off merchandise for NJCB Members at 154 South Broadway, Pitman.

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